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Desperation Vs. Inspiration

We do some seriously negative self-programming whenever we say “need” instead of “want.”

And it’s one of those things that… once you really understand it… it changes your life completely, from the ground up.

You simply see everything differently than you did before, and life just gets… easier… in an odd, intangible sort of way.


What is need, really?

What does the word actually communicate to your subconscious mind when you use it in your daily life?

Well, we all need to breathe.

We need oxygen.


Because without it your brain will start dying in as little as 3 minutes. After that, even if you survive, you risk serious permanent neurological damage. So you definitely *need* to breathe.

We all need water.

What happens if you don’t get water?

Your organs will shut down and you will die without it, in as little as 3 days. So we all *need* water.

And food. Without food your body will start tearing down your bones and muscles in a desperate attempt to keep the vital organs alive with scavenged proteins and nutrients.

Without food, you will die in as little as 30-40 days. So we all *need* to eat.

You absolutely need all those things simply because…

You will die without them.

That’s what it means to “need” something.

And you’re communicating that to your subconscious mind every single time you use that word.

Subconsciously, you’re programming yourself with mental images of your own impending death whenever say…

  • I need that job.
  • I need to pay off my loans.
  • I need a new car.
  • I need that person to like me.

…And on, and on.

Even if you never consciously see it, or think about it that way…

You can still feel it.

Your subconscious mind will still attach to that goal all of the feelings of desperation and fear associated with dying.

And that desperation will show in your thinking, in your decision making, and in your actions.

Desperation is a powerful motivator, for sure, but it also tends to be sloppy and reactive. It makes you react to your circumstances instead of taking a creative approach towards creating better circumstances.

A much better motivator, assuming your life isn’t actually under immediate threat, is…


Inspiration is proactive and creative.

And the relaxed creativity it provides will also show through in your thinking and your actions.

And all it takes to switch gears from fear and desperation, to inspiration and creativity, is to change that one word…

Just say “want” instead of “need” when you’re talking about your goals.

Watch how differently you feel about your goals when you “want” them instead of “need” them.

Wanting something may give you a more relaxed, creative mental focus, and plenty of inspiration to start working towards that goal.

Needing it, on the other hand, will likely make you feel more fearful and desperate. It puts you in fight-or-flight mode, in situations that don’t call for it. It increases your anxiety and closes your mind to all the opportunities around you because… ultimately… you *need* to do whatever it is because you’re basically telling yourself that you’ll die if you fail.

Inspiration and desperation are both powerful motivators, but…

Which form of motivation is most likely to provide consistently positive results, and keep you motivated and determined for the long haul?

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