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Stop struggling with money

Got an interesting email from a reader this morning. She said she didn’t have enough money to get the session she wants and suggested that I should make Attract Money 2.0 free so that everyone in a similar situation could use it, get their finances in order, and then they’d be able to buy other […]

The cheat code for life

Anything you want is yours. That’s the formula. And the “cheat code” that makes it work is discipline. I don’t mean the hard discipline of forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, either (although that’s a worthwhile ability to develop, too, it comes second to this one). No… The only discipline you […]

When in doubt, just start moving

You can’t decide on a course of action without cutting off all your other options. And that’s scary. But… that fear can lead to long-term procrastination, and avoiding your own plans and goals, if you let it. Especially for big decisions, where the serious self-doubts really kick in: “How can I know this what I […]

Self-Discipline is NOT self-punishment

The good man, though a slave, is free; the wicked, though he reigns, is a slave, and not the slave of a single man, but — what is far worse — the slave of as many masters as he has vices. St. Augustine Self-discipline is treated like a dirty word these days. People cringe when […]

My secret weapon for laser-focused productivity

You ever sit down to work on something and then next thing you know hours have passed and you never actually did the thing you set out to do? I did that with my taxes today… Sat down at my computer to get started on last year’s tax return and the next thing I know […]

How to get infinite self-discipline

What does self-discipline look like to you? For me, it’s the ability to do what needs to be done whether I feel like it or not. Especially when I DON’T feel like it. And so on… I treat self-discipline like a muscle I can strengthen with exercise, and it keeps getting stronger. The more I […]

You are more powerful than you can imagine

What resolutions did you make for yourself this year? The answers I get to this question usually shock me, because… I can’t believe how little people think of themselves. “I want to lose some weight.” “I want to make more money.” “I want to eat healthier.” “I want to exercise more.” None of these things […]

Do confidence subliminals really work?

Don’t listen to confidence subliminals before you understand the different subliminal methods available and what types of subliminal results you can expect from different subliminal styles.

Need a confidence boost? Stand up straight…

It’s still amazing to me how many so-called “confidence” issues can be fixed just by reminding people to stand up straight. I’m able to take on more coaching clients these days, now that I’m not living in the boonies anymore. And working with people in person is so much easier than over the phone. Because […]

Perfectionism… or Paralyzing Fear of Failure?

Perfectionism is a silly excuse for never finishing anything. Most people use it as a disguised form of procrastination. * Waiting to apply for that perfect job until they get their resume just right… Only to lose that job to someone else with a ‘good enough’ resume. * Or waiting to ask that one person […]