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Can I read the subliminal scripts?

Speedzen subliminals work best when you don’t know the exact content of the script.

Here’s why:

The purpose of my subliminal audio sessions is to implant empowering beliefs about what you are capable of achieving…

…to create a new, positive self-image that will express itself through your habits and lead to better results in a specific area of your life.

In order to do this, you need to bypass all the defense mechanisms of the old, negative self-image.

Change is uncomfortable. And even positive change, in most cases, will set off your psychological defenses to keep you in your comfort zone.

The tendency is to resist any change, even good changes, simply because they are comfortable. Often times, we are our own worst enemies in this regard.

And the whole point of using a subliminal delivery system is to bypass those defense mechanisms…

…Because even when we really want to change, sometimes it’s a constant uphill battle to convince yourself at the subconscious level that the comfort of the known is nothing compared to the growth and prosperity you will create for yourself by stepping out into the unknown… as uncomfortable as it may seem, at first.


Reading the script first is like handing a detailed plan of attack to your ‘enemy’, right before the battle, and saying “Here’s what I plan to do, go ahead and reinforce your defenses so that my plan will fail.”

Not a very effective strategy… wouldn’t you agree?

And, of course, you aren’t really your own enemy. Those defense mechanisms have probably helped you survive some pretty tough times in your past… maybe especially as a child before you had all the psychological tools available to you now as an adult.

But… in order to get yourself on your own side… to align all of your subconscious and conscious resources towards a unifying goal and purpose… you must be careful in stepping around that initial resistance.

And if I made it impossible for you to do that, by giving you the script, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee any results…

…It would just be “hit or miss” at that point.

Now, that being said… I can assure you that all suggestions are completely safe and cannot force you to change anything about yourself.

Every subliminal suggestion is painstakingly crafted to work in accordance with your conscious desire to achieve whatever goal you’ve set for yourself.

Nothing more and nothing less.

But I certainly understand if you’re still skeptical.

You don’t know me, and you have no reason to trust me yet.

So please feel free to get to know me first…

You can learn more about me by signing up for my newsletter or striking up a conversation with me in the comments section of any page on this website.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Jason Lynch

PS – If reading the scripts is non-negotiable for you, we now offer simple subliminal affirmations mp3s. They don’t work as fast as the subliminal hypnosis sessions, for all the reasons explained above, but the full list of affirmations is published on each product description.

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  1. Majestic Martha

    I would like to try your products, but I want MP3 to download directly to my computer.

    1. When you place an order, your subliminal sessions will be available as MP3 downloads on your account page. You can also try a free subliminal mp3 before you buy.

  2. Jefferson

    Hi Jason, I’m brazilian and I can understand English language, I’m not fluent but I’m able to understand 80% of what’s written in your site without help from dictionary.

    In my case, your subliminals will still be effective?

    Thank you man!!

    1. Yes, as long as you can understand conversational spoken English you will be able to process the contents of the subliminal scripts.

  3. Can U drive & listen to the subliminals?

    1. No. The music is designed to induce a deep state of relaxation, not safe for driving.

  4. Jason!
    Thank you for sorting out my orders. It’s well appreciated
    Best Wishes

  5. Hi,

    I’d like to give your Subliminals a try but I have two questions: 1. The music/content of the free sample track somehow left me uneasy. Maybe that was a good thing as there was resistance that needed shifting. Anyhow, does each title purchase contain a variety of soundtracks containing the full script in each or do I have to pick one? “. Can you give me a product recommendation if I just want to buy one title initially and my goal is to help me with the Law of Assumption? I’m torn between Powerful Visualisation and Positive Thinking…

    Best Wishes

    1. Yes, each Speedzen 2.0 session comes with 4 different soundtrack options. If you don’t like the music, you also have 3 different nature sounds to choose from.

      And if you are working with the law of assumption I’d recommend starting with Positive Thinking Power in most cases.

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