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How Do I Stop My Mind From Wandering While Listening?

Meditation is a key ingredient to the effectiveness of Speedzen subliminals.

Just as important as the subliminal suggestions themselves, in most cases.

And many people worry that the effectiveness is diminished when their mind wanders while listening.

So I’d like to make it clear that a wandering mind is perfectly natural.

In fact, it’s a good thing.

It’s good because it’s an opportunity to exercise and strengthen your focus.

Just think of meditation as a workout for your mental focus “muscle.”

When you first start working out to build up your physical muscles, you lift something heavy.

Heavy to you, that is.

Maybe the weight you start at would be considered very light to a stronger person, but you’re not worried about how strong other people already are.

Your only concern is to make yourself stronger.

And so, you start with whatever weight is challenging to you, but not dangerous, and you lift it several times.

Then, the next time you work out, you’ll be able to lift a little more weight.

And a little more.

And so on, until, eventually, you can lift way more weight than you started at.

Little by little you’ve made yourself much stronger.

And your new strength is something you can use in your daily life to accomplish physically demanding tasks. Tasks that used to be very difficult, or even impossible, before you started exercising become much easier.


Meditation is exactly the same.

Maybe you can only focus on the music for a few seconds before your mind wanders.

That’s perfectly fine.

You’re not competing with anyone else or comparing yourself to anyone else here.

You’re simply starting wherever you happen to be, and getting stronger from there.

Building your mental focus is just like a building a muscle, and the amount of time you can stay focused is exactly like the ever-increasing amount of weight you would use to build up your physical muscles.

So whenever your mind wanders, all you need to do is *gently* bring your focus back to the music.

Each time you do that, you’ve just performed a small, mental bench press.

And your mental focus “muscle” gets a little stronger each time.

And the each period of mental focus gets a little longer.

Until, eventually, you can hold your mental focus for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more.

And yes, this mental strength carries into your real life just as the physical strength from lifting weights does.

Your new strength of focus will allow you to accomplish mentally demanding tasks in your daily life that were once overwhelming or completely impossible before you started exercising your mind with meditation.

So the purpose of meditation in Speedzen subliminal CDs isn’t only to keep your conscious mind out of the way so that the subliminal suggestions can reach your subconscious mind.

It does do that.

And it does it quite well.


Meditation is also making your conscious mind stronger so that you can keep up with all the new ideas, beliefs, and habits being downloaded into your subconscious.

And stronger mental focus means less stress, less distraction, less wasted time, and the mental strength necessary to easily handle daily challenges that once seemed impossible.


  1. When Iam listening to
    The CD and I fall asleep
    Will I get the same result
    as staying awake listening.

    1. Yes you will. Your subconscious is very receptive to positive suggestions while you sleep.

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