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Lack of empathy wreaks havoc in your personal life. It can cause you to feel lonely and disconnected even when you’re around friends or in a relationship.

It causes unnecessary conflict over simple misunderstandings. It can lead you to make catastrophic social mistakes in work or your personal life that alienate others and can even lead to violence.

But there’s hope.

99% of people have the hardware necessary for feeling deep empathy towards others: Mirror neurons in your brain that allow you to feel what other people are feeling and to put yourself in their shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Developing your natural empathy is a simple matter of removing some bad mental and emotional habits you’ve picked up throughout your life that are blocking you from experiencing a deeper connection with others.

This subliminal hypnosis session will help you to reconnect with your innate empathy and fully develop your ability to open up and connect with others.

You will develop the habit of attentiveness. More than just listening to others, getting in the habit of mindfulness in your interactions with others will allow you to pick up on all of their non-verbal communications and body language. The mirror neurons of your brain automatically pick up on these subtle cues and mirror the other person’s feelings within you, but only if you’re actually paying attention.

Along with this attentiveness to others will come a genuine interest in others as you begin to find yourself becoming truly curious about how others feel and how others see things differently.

This will allow you a better awareness and understanding of your own emotions. When you are able to clearly understand how you feel in contrast to how others feel, you’ll begin to see the obvious differences in perception different people have in different situations. This gives you the bird’s eye perspective needed to bridge the gap in understanding between people and help others cooperate.

Your awakened empathy will let you develop a deeper understanding and connection with others. Deeper rapport leads to better cooperation and getting more done as couples, friends, and teams at work, instead of constantly fighting over simple misunderstandings.

Empathy makes you more helpful and a better problem solver since being able to understand any situation from anybody’s perspective allows you to come up with helpful advice for others in any situation. And as your empathy increases, so too will your ability to resolve conflicts and find win-win solutions at work and in your personal life. As a result, people will naturally begin to look to you as a guide and a leader in your social circles.

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  1. Jesse (verified owner)

    The only way I would make it better is to make a subliminal for emotional intelligence. One of the most important skills in today’s world; amazed how this is not upgraded to 2.0 yet with the way society is going towards technology and combination of pandemic/ uncertain future. Empathy will protect your humanity and your relationships!

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