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How To Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin That You Never Finish Anything

A person without a goal… a mission… a single purpose in life, is like a ship without a sail. The waves push you this way and that. But you never really move closer towards any one destination. People who don’t have a clear mission and purpose in life always have trouble deciding what to do […]

The “Whack-A-Mole” Approach To Personal Development

You ever catch yourself playing “Whack-A-Mole” with your bad habits? Whenever a bad habit pops up in your life, you whack it with whatever personal development tool is available to you… Only to have that habit pop back up somewhere else in your life. So you take another whack at it, only to have two […]

How To Fail At Everything

Success is easy… Pick one goal that really excites you. Decide that you will succeed at that goal – no matter what. Work towards achieving that goal every single day. …But, failure is hard. Failure requires you to carefully waste all of your mental and emotional energy in very specific ways. So, here are the […]

How To Stay Excited About Your Goals

The biggest problem with using excitement for motivation is that it wears off fast. New goals bring a flood of excitement. And new plans provide a surge of emotional energy to get you moving. But once that initial excitement wears off, you’re left adrift with nothing to move you forward but your own initiative. Without […]

It’s Impossible to Achieve Anything Without This…

Goals that seem outlandish and impossible today can be easily within your reach, sooner than you think, if you set your mind towards achieving them, and then simply get to work. Magic happens when we picture something we want in our mind’s eye, and start taking action to get it. Opportunities we never would have […]

Stop Waiting For Happiness

So many people these days treat happiness as a goal: “I’ll be happy once I get that job.” “I’ll be happy once I get that car.” “I’ll be happy once I get that house.” This is a dangerous habit to develop because happiness isn’t something you earn by achieving goals. Achieving goals rarely makes people […]