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How To Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin That You Never Finish Anything

A person without a goal… a mission… a single purpose in life, is like a ship without a sail.

The waves push you this way and that.

But you never really move closer towards any one destination.

People who don’t have a clear mission and purpose in life always have trouble deciding what to do next.

Because – without that guiding mission – every task seems equally important, or unimportant.

There’s really no way to tell.

There’s no guiding principle for choosing one course of action over another, because there’s no clear way to measure the effectiveness of one over the other.

So, instead of picking a path and sticking to it, they move continuously back and forth, never really mastering any one skill, or working to achieve any one goal.

“Do I stick with this career, or study and train for a better one?”

“Do I stick with this diet, or pick a better one from the hundreds of others available?”

“Do I continue with this exercise plan, or will I get better results with a better one?”

“Do I listen to one subliminal session until I get the results I want, or do I listen to 3 at a time and get frustrated when nothing happens?”

This lack of decisiveness isn’t any sort of mental or emotional block.

It’s not a fear of commitment.

It’s simply a lack of certainty.

Until you’re certain about the end result you’re looking to achieve, anything and everything will look better than what you already have.

If you find yourself having trouble sticking to one course of study, or one career, or one single path towards any goal in your life…

You simply haven’t developed a clear vision of what you really want and where you’re really headed.

Because, once you know that… once you see it and *feel* it… all of your choices become obvious.

You know when you choose a course of action that it is the right one for you, because you know where you want to go and nothing else will distract you from that.

It’s easy to judge what’s best for you, because you can see where you are, where you’re headed, and what will get you there.

More importantly, you’ll easily identify what *won’t* get you there, and you can stop wasting time second guessing your decisions and jumping back and forth between different ways of reaching your goal.

Building a clear vision is like putting sails and a rudder on your ship.

Now, when the wind blows and the waves push you around, you can simply steer yourself straight through and towards your goal.

You won’t get swept away and pushed and pulled towards places you don’t want to go.

You’ll simply pick a path, decide the best way to travel that path, and do it.

But it all depends on building that vision, and developing the certainty that your one major goal, or purpose, is more important to you than all the others.

Then that mission and purpose can guide every decision you make moving forward:

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The “Whack-A-Mole” Approach To Personal Development

You ever catch yourself playing “Whack-A-Mole” with your bad habits?

Whenever a bad habit pops up in your life, you whack it with whatever personal development tool is available to you…

Only to have that habit pop back up somewhere else in your life.

So you take another whack at it, only to have two more bad habits pop up somewhere else.

It’s a losing battle.

And it never ends.

Because you’re only ever telling yourself what you *don’t* want to be doing.

But you have to be doing something. We have ~16 waking hours a day to fill with activity, so, without a clear vision of where you actually want to go, and what habits would help you get there, you’ll just keep falling back on whatever habits you had before.

The way out of this game is to stop chasing your bad habits all together, and start replacing them with good habits.

The problem for a lot of people is, when they realize this, they also realize that they’ve never given much real thought to what they actually want.

For anyone who spent their whole life thinking only in terms of what they don’t want, this is a whole new way of thinking.

So it requires practice, like any new skill does.

But, when you start reminding yourself to think in terms of what you want – instead of what you don’t want – that way of thinking becomes a habit in and of itself.

It’s a very good mental habit to have, too. By developing it, you’re already starting to set a clear direction for the rest of your life course.

It soon becomes easier and easier to know what you want in any situation, because you have a clearer understanding of your true motivations and passions.

And with that understanding comes clearer goals that actually motivate you and encourage you, subconsciously, to develop whatever habits you need to reach those goals.

Your subconscious mind will gladly offer up whatever other good habits you require, if you just give it a clear goal.

Then you can stop worrying about your bad habits, because they’ll simply be replaced by all the new, useful habits you begin to manifest in your daily life.

This also means, however, that you’ll be left hanging every time you achieve all your goals.

The only way to stay consistently on track, for life, is to have a life-long goal.

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How To Fail At Everything

Success is easy…

  1. Pick one goal that really excites you.
  2. Decide that you will succeed at that goal – no matter what.
  3. Work towards achieving that goal every single day.

…But, failure is hard.

Failure requires you to carefully waste all of your mental and emotional energy in very specific ways.

So, here are the 5 rules you need to follow to guarantee failure in everything that you do:

Rule 1. Always pick three or more goals at a time.

The more goals the merrier. Every goal you pile on will scatter your mental focus and spread your creative energy that much thinner. Three seems to be the magic number where everything falls apart, but, you should aim for as many as you can think of if you really want to guarantee failure in all of them.

Rule 2. Only choose goals that give you a lukewarm feeling.

If you choose goals that make you feel hot and supercharged with energy, you’ll reach them no problem. So definitely stay away from those. What people don’t realize, however, is that the same is true for goals that make you feel cold or even repulsed. If you choose a goal you hate you might accidentally succeed at achieving its opposite, so don’t do that either.

Only go with goals that give you a weak, lukewarm, “meh” feeling in the pit of your stomach. This will guarantee that you only give halfhearted attempts and prevent you from wasting time thinking about your goals, or worse, becoming obsessed with them and building up a strong desire to really work at achieving them.

Rule 3. Make your goals as vague as possible.

This is super important. If your goals are crystal clear in your mind, you might actually stumble upon a useful course of action for achieving them. Be sure to use vague language when writing your goals down. The more you sprinkle your descriptions with phrases such as “well, umm…,” “maybe,” “sort of,” the better.

(Pro Tip: The easiest way to check if your goal is vague enough to guarantee failure is to read it out loud to someone else. If the person gets very confused, and can’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, you’ve nailed it! However, if the other person understands perfectly, and is maybe even a little inspired by what they just heard, you’ll need to throw that goal away and try again.)

Rule 4. Be as inconsistent as humanly possible.

Consistency has a weird way of making things work out even if you’re not very good at what you’re doing. So avoid it at all costs. Even if you’ve followed the first 3 rules, if you work consistently, each and every day on achieving your vague, uninspired goals, you’ll probably still achieve something big through daily action alone.

To avoid this, you must only work towards your goals when you feel like it – which won’t be very often if you followed Rule 2. Spend your days dealing with distractions and following your whims. Keep jumping from one shiny object to the next. And only ever work on your goals when it occurs to you that you’ve just spent the last 5 days binge-watching “The Office” on Netflix, and you should really get in a good 30 minutes of working towards your goal before the next 5 days off.

Rule 5. Give up and pick a whole new batch of goals.

At some point you’ll need to quit. You just have to do it. If you never quit you’ll still maybe reach one or two of your goals through random chance alone. But don’t worry! It gets easier to give up on yourself every time you do it. And soon, you’ll have so many failed goals under your belt that giving up will just come naturally to you. It will be so much a part of your habits that you will automatically fail at everything you ever want to achieve.

Keep these 5 rules in mind at all times (or whenever it occurs to you that your life is going a little too well), and you’ll be back on the path to constant failure and disappointment in no time!

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

PS – On the off chance that you don’t enjoy over-complicating your life and making everything hard on yourself – or, for some weird reason – you’d rather succeed at every goal you set, then you should probably check this out instead:

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How To Stay Excited About Your Goals

The biggest problem with using excitement for motivation is that it wears off fast.

New goals bring a flood of excitement. And new plans provide a surge of emotional energy to get you moving.

But once that initial excitement wears off, you’re left adrift with nothing to move you forward but your own initiative. Without any of that initial excitement to push you forward, you must push yourself with sheer force of will.

Or so we’re told.

I’ve found, over many years of working to help other people get motivated and stay motivated, that it’s more like keeping a fire going.

The initial excitement sparks that first flame, but it’s up to you to keep adding fuel and fanning the flames.

You add fuel by working towards your goal every day. Simply stay on top of your long term plans by putting some effort each night into looking at where you started, where you are now, and where you need to go. Then create your to-do list for the next day.

You can then fan the flames and keep your excitement white hot by always making sure to include at least one task that gets you excited to wake up and get to work the next day.

Even long after the initial excitement wears off, you can always find at least one thing to be excited about each morning. Your to-do list will probably contain things that you must do, but aren’t very excited about. But if you want to stay motivated, it also always needs to contain at least one task that gets you fired back up with excitement. Something that gets your creative juices flowing and makes you *want* to hop out of bed and hit the ground running.

This exercise will become a habit and, like all habits, it will take on a momentum of its own.

You’ll condition yourself to wake up feeling excited about each day until you reach the point where it just comes naturally to be motivated.

And if you need an extra boost of motivation to get yourself going on a long-term goal, my Unstoppable Determination session will get you moving fast!

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It’s Impossible to Achieve Anything Without This…

Goals that seem outlandish and impossible today can be easily within your reach, sooner than you think, if you set your mind towards achieving them, and then simply get to work.

Magic happens when we picture something we want in our mind’s eye, and start taking action to get it.

Opportunities we never would have noticed before begin to line themselves up on our path.

Our imagination and intuition begin providing solutions to problems we never could have guessed we were capable of solving.

Other people are inspired to join in and help out.

Your entire outer world will change and rearrange itself to align with your goals when your inner world is perfectly aligned with something your truly desire to achieve.

This simple truth is the entire basis for all of the Speedzen subliminal sessions. They get you to picture what you want, let go of any emotional and mental blocks that might be stopping you, and then move forward towards your goals with intense focus and unstoppable motivation.

But, without that desire…

Nothing is possible.

Yeah, it seems obvious that wanting something is the first step towards getting it.

And yet, I get so many questions these days that mostly boil down to…

“How can I find out what I want?”

It seems that all the conveniences of the modern world have left a lot of people feeling numb.

Food and entertainment are so easily available and affordable that more and more people are getting lost in the shallow comforts of life and losing the desire to venture into the deeper waters of life where great achievements and new discoveries are made.

Their joy, excitement, and curiosity for life are silenced by an endless stream of simple pleasures.

More and more daily responsibilities are becoming so automated that our participation in life is becoming almost completely optional.

And it’s leaving a lot of people feeling empty and directionless.

So my answer to that question “How can I find out what I want?” is this:

If you feel like you don’t know what you want, then what you want is a sense of purpose.

Something that gives your life meaning. Something that makes you feel like your participation in the world makes a difference. Something that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

That’s what you want.

So make that your goal.

Make it your goal to dig deep, get inspired, and discover that one thing that you can dedicate the rest of your life to accomplishing.

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Stop Waiting For Happiness

So many people these days treat happiness as a goal:

  • “I’ll be happy once I get that job.”
  • “I’ll be happy once I get that car.”
  • “I’ll be happy once I get that house.”

This is a dangerous habit to develop because happiness isn’t something you earn by achieving goals.

Achieving goals rarely makes people happy…

…but being happy helps people achieve their goals.

Happiness is just a mood, and your moods are nothing more than what you choose to focus on at any given moment.

So treating happiness like a goal, putting external conditions upon when you can or cannot feel happy, is like telling yourself you have to earn the right to breathe.

You wouldn’t hold your breath until you earned to right to take another breath, or until you felt you deserved to take another breath, or because you thought it was selfish to take another breath…

You just keep breathing because it’s something you need to do to keep living.

Happiness isn’t much different in that regard.

No matter what’s going on in your life, there will always be negatives and positives. Happy people simply focus on the positives so they can keep moving forward with less stress, less anxiety, more passion, and more energy.

Happiness is just an ongoing choice – a habit. And it’s a habit that improves your health, keeps you motivated even during challenging times in your life, and even improves the lives of people around you.

Goals come and go. Your life and the world around you are always changing. Choosing to enjoy being alive and being a part of the process isn’t something you need to earn.

It’s your birthright.

So instead of placing happiness on the other side of your goals, develop the habit of being happy so you can reach your goals easier.

Choose to be happy, now, so you can enjoy the journey.

And if you feel like you need a boost in developing the habit of happiness, this subliminal session will help: Contagious Happiness Subliminal CD