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Stop Waiting For Happiness

So many people these days treat happiness as a goal:

  • “I’ll be happy once I get that job.”
  • “I’ll be happy once I get that car.”
  • “I’ll be happy once I get that house.”

This is a dangerous habit to develop because happiness isn’t something you earn by achieving goals.

Achieving goals rarely makes people happy…

…but being happy helps people achieve their goals.

Happiness is just a mood, and your moods are nothing more than what you choose to focus on at any given moment.

So treating happiness like a goal, putting external conditions upon when you can or cannot feel happy, is like telling yourself you have to earn the right to breathe.

You wouldn’t hold your breath until you earned to right to take another breath, or until you felt you deserved to take another breath, or because you thought it was selfish to take another breath…

You just keep breathing because it’s something you need to do to keep living.

Happiness isn’t much different in that regard.

No matter what’s going on in your life, there will always be negatives and positives. Happy people simply focus on the positives so they can keep moving forward with less stress, less anxiety, more passion, and more energy.

Happiness is just an ongoing choice – a habit. And it’s a habit that improves your health, keeps you motivated even during challenging times in your life, and even improves the lives of people around you.

Goals come and go. Your life and the world around you are always changing. Choosing to enjoy being alive and being a part of the process isn’t something you need to earn.

It’s your birthright.

So instead of placing happiness on the other side of your goals, develop the habit of being happy so you can reach your goals easier.

Choose to be happy, now, so you can enjoy the journey.

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