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New Year’s Resolutions That Are Doomed To Fail

2019 is right around the corner. That means, come Tuesday morning, most people are going to be working through their hangover to get started on the Resolutions they’ve set for themselves. Which, in most cases, will mean dropping X number of pounds. They’ll start a diet they hate, hit the gym a couple times, and […]

How Motivation Kills Success

If you want to make huge changes in your life… Then you’ll want to avoid the trap of trying to make dozens of changes at once. I realize the temptation is huge. You discover subliminals that really work to make changes in your life. You get super excited and want to change everything about yourself… […]

My Uncensored Opinion of “The Secret”

You might be amazed what you can accomplish when you finally figure out how to use the ‘control panel’ of your own mind. Actively creating the life you desire… instead of reacting to external circumstances. I mean… Have you ever pictured your life and what it would be like if you were able to take […]

Removing Toxic People From Your Life

I see a lot of advice out there about removing toxic people from your life. Everybody talks as if we should be identifying and forcefully ejecting the people that hold us back, whenever we decide to improve ourselves. I guess I have a different take on this issue. Change always began on the inside, for […]

Escaping The Envy/Inferiority Trap

Envy, like all emotions, isn’t really good or bad by itself. It’s how we use it that determines if it’s useful or harmful to us. And yes, there is a useful expression of envy. Usually, though, we allow envy to make us obsess over the success of others, until we end up constantly comparing ourselves […]

Super Successful Underachievers

I read a study yesterday that highlights the one real difference between underachievers and overachievers. It also answers one of the most baffling questions in the business world, which is: Why do the ‘A’ and ‘B’ students usually end up working for the ‘C’ students? The overachievers in school are obviously the best and brightest. […]

Drooling Dogs and Peak Performance

Most people are familiar with Pavlov’s famous experiment with drooling dogs. I’ll skip the gruesome details, but the main takeaway from his experiment is that you can condition dogs (and people) to respond in a predictable way to some arbitrary trigger. In this case, he conditioned the dogs to drool in anticipation of food every […]

How To Fail At Everything

Success is easy… Pick one goal that really excites you. Decide that you will succeed at that goal – no matter what. Work towards achieving that goal every single day. …But, failure is hard. Failure requires you to carefully waste all of your mental and emotional energy in very specific ways. So, here are the […]

How to Truly Love Your Job

Do you put in long hours every day, struggling to succeed in your career or business? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by a lack of results equal to your efforts? Do you wish you could truly love your job so that you could focus more on producing quality than quantity? It’s no secret that […]

Attitude of Gratitude: 1 Simple Trick for a Happier Life

Happy people are more successful in their personal and professional lives than unhappy people. Feeling happy improves your immune system and increases your energy levels so that you can live life to the fullest without getting bogged down by illness and unfortunate events. Happiness makes you more optimistic and motivates you to achieve new heights […]