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My Uncensored Opinion of “The Secret”

You might be amazed what you can accomplish when you finally figure out how to use the ‘control panel’ of your own mind.

Actively creating the life you desire… instead of reacting to external circumstances.

I mean…

Have you ever pictured your life and what it would be like if you were able to take control of how you feel?

Moment to moment, pointing your attention – like a flashlight – towards the people and activities that give your more of what you want… while leaving everything else in the dark.

Most people never look at it this way.

Instead of directing their own attention, they allow their attention to be drawn towards things by external influences… usually towards negative things… like their failures and regrets.

And if you’re always shining light on your failures… you’re leaving all the opportunities for future success “in the dark” of your mind.

Your imagination is the most powerful tool you have.

And when you use it properly, it can almost look like magic to anyone watching as you suddenly start succeeding at everything you do…

….almost as if you have some kind of psychic ability to see opportunities nobody else noticed…

…and immediately take action to get what you want…

…Without hesitation… and totally free from self-doubt and needless worry.

And, of course, anyone watching you transform your life so quickly will jealously downplay your success as ‘luck.’

And even if you tell them how you’re doing it, most people won’t believe you…

…because it can’t really be that simple… can it?…

…it will still look like magic to anyone who doesn’t realize, that success is just a matter of using your imagination

…and then…


And that’s why it’s still so easy for so many “gurus” out there to keep selling that “Secret” nonsense.

They just hope you don’t over-think the fact that they make all their money promising to teach other people how to ‘manifest’ money.

Well… I prefer to teach things that actually work.

Because it’s better for long-term business, it’s better for my karma (if you’re into that), and… more importantly… it’s better for putting food on my table, because…

My clients only pay me for results.

If I spend 2 hours with a coaching client and can’t help them make the change I promised them… I don’t get paid!

And… my clients appreciate my no-BS approach because they only want one thing when they hire me…

…REAL techniques they can use to increase their performance on the job, in their business, or in their social lives.

And when it comes to Speedzen Subliminal CDs, I’ve taken everything that works best for my clients and packaged it all into easy-to-use sessions that subconsciously install all the beliefs necessary to get similar results in a fraction of the time. (And at a VERY small fraction of the price of coaching.)

And what’s the most important thing I teach my clients?

Simply this: How to control their imaginations.


Visualization is the most powerful tool you have for accelerating your learning… for programming your subconscious ‘goal-seeking’ system to lock on to any outcome you want… and for controlling how you feel about things, so that you are never ‘stuck’ in past regrets, and only ever feel motivated to keep moving forward…

…But it is clearly only the first step in the much larger, and life-long process of becoming more competent – and therefore CONFIDENT in everything that you ever do.

Instead of just visualizing the stuff you want…

…It’s far more effective to visualize yourself DOING the things that will bring you what you want.

Sounds simple, right?

Most life-changing truths are simple.

And that’s why they’re so easily overlooked and ignored by most people.

So maybe you’ll want to read it again.

And remember…

Always be learning. Always be growing. And always expect greater things for yourself and your loved ones as a result of your actions.

Because that is how you manifest limitless abundance…

….by BEING limitlessly abundant in everything that you think, feel, and DO.

Just focus on developing the determination to follow through on the goals you visualize, and the rest will fall into place!

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  1. Around eight years ago, I purchased Speedzen “Lucid Dreaming” and had a great experience with it. Now this is going to sound bizarre those who read what Jason has to offer in cds and mp3’s, some would have notice there is a Mp3 or CD for PTSD! At the time I purchased my cd from Jason,
    I was not diagnosed with PTSD and in fact, I thought it was a medical made up thing for doctors to siphon extra monies from insurance companies. A year after I purchased “lucid dreaming” cd, I was nearly beaten to death by an inmate! I was a guard (Corrections Officer) in a state prison system. I served there for 7 years; until that fateful day happened! The being beat up part has pretty much been healed with some scars left!

    What happened to me that evening, I shouldn’t have been alive much more than the same night my wife dragging me up stairs in our apartment because I couldn’t stand up let alone walk up right! Then strange things began to happen and I withdrew from society and only leave my place of safety, only to purchase needed food items. It took 3 weeks and the psychologist told me, I hate to be the bearer of bad news since you gone through so much already, you have been diagnosed with PTSD caused by the induced trauma of the horrific beating you have taken.

    It’s been nearly 8 years since that diagnosis and I am of course retired by the state and feds. Yet the PTSD is still as strong as ever could be! In this area, nothing ever changes but only the intensity of my PTSD from day to day, if I have to be around people outside my house. Anyways, I am not writing this for pity or sympathy, I am writing this so when I give my testimony using Jason’s PTSD cd; it will bear more weight on his tools but there are no promises given to me. It’s been 8+ years since I heard Jason’s Lucid CD because since acquiring this trauma, I couldn’t get myself to lie down and listen to it or any other cd because my spider senses alarm when I close my eyes.

    I have my good days that I can count on one hand and my bad days which would need to be on extra long paper. For starters, I am, for the first time since being almost killed, I am going to re-listen to the Lucid dreaming cd actually tonight on 29th of Oct 2018. When I first listened to it for about two weeks; I had OBE’s and Lucid dreams and dimensional types traveling. What one has got to understand about these binaural and Isochronic beats, it just shifts the mind frequencies to lower sub-frequencies and your brain mimics it and places itself under! One might ask, “How is it you can have a OBE if it’s for Lucid dreaming” or “Dimensional Traveling in Time?

    That’s a great question! If you are open up to the frequencies, the subconscious mind wants to fulfill your inner desires but up to this point it the subconscious couldn’t because of the lack of training when using such a quantum knowledge center of the brain. I look at it like this, the subconscious mind once excited by the access, will then have a bucket list to accomplish in you once you open access to that non linear part of the brain. I had entities show up and actually wake me up in the mornings, female voices and when I opened my eyes quickly they were not there. When I closed my eyes but still in the sleep stage, “Semjase” would again waken me by tapping me on my leg or on my forehead while giggling at me.

    She told me her name, the contact was crystal clear telepathy of some kind. Once I stopped using this CD; then everything I eventually had experienced was once more dormant! Like any muscle it must be exercised for maintaining peak performance. It’s not just your subconscious mind involved here but your “psychological” acceptance and non-acceptance of your experiences. Your central nervous system must be trained to let go and the bodies biological must learn to let go! In a sense, when exercising using Jason’s cd or other competing brands provided they are as good as his, you are exercising your entire being starting with “letting go” from the body up to the subconscious level itself!

    If you purchased along with your cd a “subliminal” recording within the music or nature songs, this will build the foundation that makes itself enter into your subconscious and eventually will trickle upward to the conscious mind accepting the fact of what kind of out come you are looking for. This does take time! That I and my wife have plenty of nowadays being retired so young! 60 years old young to be exact! They say, “Your as young as you feel or see yourself to be”! In essence, this is all too factual, once you connect to the subconscious mind anything becomes probable/possible.

    Subliminal recordings is still “Iffy” subject with me and even harder to bypass ones own “bias” you know it worked because you believed it to be so. This part is true and must be overwritten by your “will power” and “desire” and practice, to experience a real anecdotal success. But it will be your success not someone else, this success can’t be transferred; that is, “your personal experiences”, while listening to maybe the same CD I am listening too, you may experience much greater things beyond what I could have imagined!

    In my humble opinion: These cd’s like tools, each person using these tools will have greater or lesser experiences but you will experience something none the less. Sorry for such a long message but this message was for me also! My thoughts are too random to analyze logically until I am able to place them on paper to make sense of the feelings that maybe attached to each thought floating upstairs! Besides I wanted to say hi to Jason since I haven’t talked with him in close to one decade, he doesn’t know me but I know about him! Good reputation online!

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