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Escaping The Envy/Inferiority Trap

Envy, like all emotions, isn’t really good or bad by itself.

It’s how we use it that determines if it’s useful or harmful to us.

And yes, there is a useful expression of envy.

Usually, though, we allow envy to make us obsess over the success of others, until we end up constantly comparing ourselves to others.

And… since there will always be people who are better than us at something…

Or who have more of something than we have…

Using envy that way can easily lead us right into constant feelings of inferiority, where we’re stuck comparing ourselves to others instead of focusing on our own success, and our own unique skills and resources.

I don’t know about you, but I never really enjoyed living life in the shadows of others.

And… on the rare occasion that envy pops up in my mind these days, I prefer to use it as a cue that there’s something I want to have that I didn’t know I wanted until just now.

It’s one of those situations where asking yourself “how” questions will get you thinking in the right direction:

“Wow, that person has something I really want. How did they get it? How can I get it?”

Constantly comparing ourselves to others blinds us to all the unique opportunities available in our own lives.

But, if you stop and ask yourself how you could get the same thing, or something similar but unique to you, those opportunities will begin to reveal themselves to you.

You instantly break out of that mindset of scarcity that leads to the envy/inferiority trap…

And your attention naturally begins to focus where it really matters:

  • On your own life and your own success.
  • On your own dreams and your own goals.
  • On your own unique talents and creative power.

Instead of feeling inferior, you’ll begin to feel joy for the success of others – as well as your own – knowing that there is plenty for everyone and that everyone has their own part to play in life.

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  1. Claudette Asbury

    Love it, explains a lot…thank you. I feel freed!

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