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Stop struggling with money

Got an interesting email from a reader this morning.

She said she didn’t have enough money to get the session she wants and suggested that I should make Attract Money 2.0 free so that everyone in a similar situation could use it, get their finances in order, and then they’d be able to buy other sessions.


That’s not a terrible idea… on the surface.

Problem is…

I’ve already experimented with this idea in the past and here’s what I’ve found actually happens…

That session simply doesn’t work on people who have crappy attitudes towards money.

And expecting to get something for free is the worst attitude towards money a person can have.

People don’t value free things.

When we get something for free, our subconscious mind immediately discards the importance because no effort was put into acquiring it.

Nobody is immune to this, either.

It’s simply how we’re wired.

Things that require effort are valued, and things that don’t, aren’t.

And even though the entire purpose of the session is to replace limiting beliefs and attitudes towards money, there’s this Catch 22 where the first belief the listener has to overcome is that they even DESERVE to have better beliefs about money in the first place.

Being given the tools for free only intensifies that feeling of unworthiness…

Those feelings of not deserving…

Which then creates such resistance to the subliminal script that anyone listening to that session for free is likely to end up worse off than when they started.

I give Unstoppable Confidence away for free to anyone who signs up to the email newsletter because giving someone a quick confidence boost is easy.

There’s minimal resistance.

Anyone can see the value in feeling more confident and would jump at the chance to do it, with little to no subconscious resistance.

But there’s just something about money…

And negative beliefs and attitudes surrounding money…

That run so deep in most people that those attitudes take on a life of their own and put up their own defenses, layer upon layer, so that removing them is like peeling an onion.

So here’s what I’ll do instead.

I’ll start creating tools anyone can use to get over that first hurdle.

They won’t cost any money, but they won’t actually be “free” either.

They’ll require real effort on your part.

It’s not the simple “relax and listen as your subconscious mind is effortlessly reprogrammed” approach that you’d get with any of my paid tools.

Instead, the first tool is a basic spoken word affirmation session.

It uses the “inner voice echo” method where the affirmation is first delivered in the “You are” form, and immediately echoed back in the “I am” form.

It’s the most powerful affirmations method, as far as basic affirmations go.

But, if you have deeply embedded negative attitudes towards money – particularly feelings of not deserving money – you WILL experience resistance.

So your job when listening is to just feel that resistance.

It will be uncomfortable and you’ll probably want to stop, as each layer of that onion is peeled away, but…

If you push through that discomfort and let the affirmations do their work… consciously and with real intent to improve your attitudes towards money…

Eventually you’ll peel away that last layer and it will feel like a fog has been lifted from your heart and your mind.

You can listen for free on Spotify…

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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