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How can a bad habit simply vanish, without willpower?

This review for Healthy Eating Habits caught my attention today:

“As a non-drinker/smoker, I turn to food for that ‘dopamine hit’ in times of stress – which I have been under a lot lately.
On the way home from work yesterday, I drove right past my go-to spot for junk food and waited until I got home to eat something healthier.
That never happened before.” – Matthew

This bad habit of Matthew’s simply went away.

How does a subliminal do that?

Well, it’s actually a very interesting process.

And it’s also pretty simple once you really start to understand how we all make decisions – especially those automatic decisions that we make every moment of every day, without even thinking about it…

Those decisions are all driven by the images in your mind.

You eat junk food once, it tastes great, it give you a “dopamine hit” as Matthew so accurately describes it, and…

…Now you’ve got this mental movie of yourself eating junk food and feeling happier.

That mental movie drives your decisions from there on out.

Subconsciously, of course.

We rarely stop to pay attention to these mental images. But they’re in there, running behind the scenes in our subconscious, while our conscious mind is distracted with daily life.

And, in this case, that movie drives the decision to eat junk food to relieve stress.

But that movie is incomplete.

It only includes the image of feeling good immediately after eating the junk food.

What’s missing from that movie?

  • How bad you’ll feel the next day.
  • How much your health and energy levels will suffer if you keep eating that way every day.
  • The weight you’ll put on if you keep eating that way.

And so on…

All of the negatives are missing from the movie that’s driving the decision to eat junk food.

So, back to the original question…

How do my subliminal sessions change your automatic, unhealthy decisions?

By updating your mental movies with all the gory details that were missing before.

A session like Healthy Eating Habits is designed to change that movie of yourself eating junk food to get that “dopamine hit.”

It adds in all the negative parts.

It builds a clear vision of how bad you’ll feel in the long run, and also how *good* you’ll feel if you just eat something healthy instead.

And, of course, this all happens subconsciously… which leads to happy surprises in your own behavior, as Matthew discovered.

It’s all happening behind the scenes… that mental movie driving each decision you make when you aren’t really making decisions… all the things you do “automatically”…

So you just automatically do healthier things.

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