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Belief Part 6: Reality Creation Is A Team Sport

Until now, we’ve been discussing subjective beliefs and subjective reality.

On my website, I usually focus on the idea that you have a subconscious self-image… a set of beliefs about yourself and your subjective reality…

And your inner and outer worlds will always reflect this self-image back to you.

This means, of course, that if you can change your beliefs about yourself, you can shape yourself and your immediate reality into anything you wish…

As long as you believe it’s possible – and exactly in the ways you believe it is possible.

So what about objective reality?

What happens when your new beliefs come into conflict with the beliefs of your friends and family…

…or your local community…

…or your entire nation…

…or the 7.6 billion other people on the planet (based on current estimates)?

Well… each smaller reality is nested within the next largest reality.

And your influence begins with yourself – with your own, inner reality.

This is why I focus almost entirely on personal development.

The ultimate purpose of the Speedzen subliminal sessions is to act as β€œtraining wheels” to help you develop the mental discipline and emotional fortitude you need to create and maintain a stable inner reality.

Then… and *only* then… will you have the power to influence the beliefs of people around you.

When you begin to see yourself as a confident, capable person, you will demonstrate this new reality to those around you. Their experience of you will change and their beliefs about you will change.

When you begin to see yourself as wealthy and abundant, your new reality will manifest to those around you – within the limits of their existing beliefs – and, if they are receptive, these new experiences will change their own beliefs about wealth and prosperity.

When you begin to see your own creative ability as an extension of the infinite creative power of the universe itself, you will demonstrate this to others, and you will inspire others to tap into this infinite power as well.

Of course, you can never *control* what other people believe.

Free will reigns supreme.

Every individual has the free will to believe whatever they wish.

And this is where you start to see some of the more β€œmagical” side effects of the Law of Attraction at work.

When you have a strong inner reality… stronger than the shared reality with which it conflicts:

  • Everything begins to shift around you to accommodate your new reality.
  • People who simply refuse to accept the new reality will leave.
  • New people who ‘fit’ in your new reality will appear in unexpected ways.
  • Events and opportunities you would’ve never previously imagined possible begin falling into place as if it’s suddenly the most natural and obvious outcome.

And… when people look back after a change like this…

…it all seems so natural.

It looks like things worked out exactly as they should have… because your new vantage point is from within the new reality, with the shared power of belief of everybody else in your new reality.

And this new group reality can then begin to influence the larger reality in which it is nested…

…and so on…

…All the way up to the global reality.

Of course, there are always several competing “teams.”

Some are stronger and more focused than others, so they exert the most influence on the global playing field.

But, historically, they’ve done so by keeping the masses in the dark.

They’ve maintained influence by keeping people disconnected from their true creative power – disconnected from each other – and always fighting over subjective differences.

And so, they’ve always been doomed to lose their negative influence the second something like the internet came along to level the playing field.

Now people can team up across the globe.

They can share new ideas and information in real time.

And they can create new group realities almost in the blink of an eye.

You could probably even argue that the internet is the first manifestation in our physical world of a much larger, spiritual awakening of humanity as a whole.


What reality are you working to create in the midst of all this rapidly accelerating change?

That’s entirely up to you.

I’m just providing the tools that people need to become players in the game, to whatever extent and in whatever capacity is right for you:

And tomorrow I’ll finish up with the third and final belief-changing method.

It’s the one that people tend to neglect the most, even though it’s the most important, simply because it’s also the most difficult task in the world.

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