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Belief Part 7: The Guardian At The Gate

So far we’ve covered how Speedzen subliminals use affirmation and visualization to remove limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs, unleashing your true creative potential and giving you more creative control over your reality.

But how did the limiting beliefs get there in the first place?


They walked right in, like thieves in the night, while the guard was asleep at the gate.

You see, your subconscious mind cannot argue against bad ideas.

It simply accepts them as commands and obediently follows them.

It is your conscious mind’s job to test new ideas…

*Before* those ideas can enter your subconscious mind and become the beliefs that shape your reality.

And, armed with logic and reason, your conscious mind must guard against any ideas that would cut you off from your creative power and your limitless potential.

Because once a limiting idea becomes your belief, your reality will reflect that belief, and your conscious mind will doubt – or completely ignore – any new ideas that could free you from that reality.

The worst part is…

Most of us inherited our limiting beliefs from the adults in our lives while we were impressionable children – while our minds were wide open to *any* new ideas, simply because our ability to think logically hadn’t developed yet.

So, by the time we’re old enough to think for ourselves, our conscious mind has already been transformed from a guardian, defending us from negative influence, into a prison guard holding us hostage to the negative beliefs we were given by default.

Our conscious mind becomes passive, negative and reactionary.

Instead of protecting us from bad ideas, it protects our negative beliefs from good ideas.

Instead of actively solving problems and looking for new ideas to improve our lives, our thinking is always playing catch-up to reality by creating stories to explain away our failures and re-affirm our limiting beliefs with limiting excuses.

This is exactly why subliminals make such effective tools to escape these prisons of belief.

They allow you to sneak past the conscious mind, in its confused and self-harming state, and remove those negative beliefs at the source.

Then your conscious mind can reclaim its role as your protector instead of your prison guard… It opens itself up to new possibilities… your conscious thoughts move away from excuses and towards solutions.

And it’s at that point that your conscious thoughts become the most important belief-shaping and reality-creating tool you possess.

Because once you’ve used subliminals, or NLP, or hypnosis, or any other tool to clear out your subconscious blockages and get your mind and emotions running smoothly…

…Any further personal development is completely dependent on your own thinking.

That’s where this newsletter comes in.

My subliminals only affect your conscious thinking as a side-effect of the deeper, emotional changes they create.

In this newsletter I have, and will continue to provide, practical knowledge you can use to get the most out of my subliminals by taking a more active approach in changing your thinking… using the subliminals to change your beliefs at the subconscious level and the newsletter to change your beliefs at the conscious level.

But, ultimately…

…to help you take off the training wheels and take control of your own life.

And, in the meantime, there are plenty of “one-size fits all” solutions to common subconscious blockages in my catalog of subliminal CDs.

For more extreme blockages, or for very specific negative beliefs that are harder to remove, you can order a custom subliminal session tailored perfectly to your specific situation.

And when you order your custom subliminal session, you also get a one-on-one email consultation with me, where we dig deep to find out exactly what belief is holding you back so that we can target it with surgical precision and get you back on track and in control of your life.

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Belief Part 6: Reality Creation Is A Team Sport

Until now, we’ve been discussing subjective beliefs and subjective reality.

On my website, I usually focus on the idea that you have a subconscious self-image… a set of beliefs about yourself and your subjective reality…

And your inner and outer worlds will always reflect this self-image back to you.

This means, of course, that if you can change your beliefs about yourself, you can shape yourself and your immediate reality into anything you wish…

As long as you believe it’s possible – and exactly in the ways you believe it is possible.

So what about objective reality?

What happens when your new beliefs come into conflict with the beliefs of your friends and family…

…or your local community…

…or your entire nation…

…or the 7.6 billion other people on the planet (based on current estimates)?

Well… each smaller reality is nested within the next largest reality.

And your influence begins with yourself – with your own, inner reality.

This is why I focus almost entirely on personal development.

The ultimate purpose of the Speedzen subliminal sessions is to act as “training wheels” to help you develop the mental discipline and emotional fortitude you need to create and maintain a stable inner reality.

Then… and *only* then… will you have the power to influence the beliefs of people around you.

When you begin to see yourself as a confident, capable person, you will demonstrate this new reality to those around you. Their experience of you will change and their beliefs about you will change.

When you begin to see yourself as wealthy and abundant, your new reality will manifest to those around you – within the limits of their existing beliefs – and, if they are receptive, these new experiences will change their own beliefs about wealth and prosperity.

When you begin to see your own creative ability as an extension of the infinite creative power of the universe itself, you will demonstrate this to others, and you will inspire others to tap into this infinite power as well.

Of course, you can never *control* what other people believe.

Free will reigns supreme.

Every individual has the free will to believe whatever they wish.

And this is where you start to see some of the more “magical” side effects of the Law of Attraction at work.

When you have a strong inner reality… stronger than the shared reality with which it conflicts:

  • Everything begins to shift around you to accommodate your new reality.
  • People who simply refuse to accept the new reality will leave.
  • New people who ‘fit’ in your new reality will appear in unexpected ways.
  • Events and opportunities you would’ve never previously imagined possible begin falling into place as if it’s suddenly the most natural and obvious outcome.

And… when people look back after a change like this…

…it all seems so natural.

It looks like things worked out exactly as they should have… because your new vantage point is from within the new reality, with the shared power of belief of everybody else in your new reality.

And this new group reality can then begin to influence the larger reality in which it is nested…

…and so on…

…All the way up to the global reality.

Of course, there are always several competing “teams.”

Some are stronger and more focused than others, so they exert the most influence on the global playing field.

But, historically, they’ve done so by keeping the masses in the dark.

They’ve maintained influence by keeping people disconnected from their true creative power – disconnected from each other – and always fighting over subjective differences.

And so, they’ve always been doomed to lose their negative influence the second something like the internet came along to level the playing field.

Now people can team up across the globe.

They can share new ideas and information in real time.

And they can create new group realities almost in the blink of an eye.

You could probably even argue that the internet is the first manifestation in our physical world of a much larger, spiritual awakening of humanity as a whole.


What reality are you working to create in the midst of all this rapidly accelerating change?

That’s entirely up to you.

I’m just providing the tools that people need to become players in the game, to whatever extent and in whatever capacity is right for you:

And tomorrow I’ll finish up with the third and final belief-changing method.

It’s the one that people tend to neglect the most, even though it’s the most important, simply because it’s also the most difficult task in the world.

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Belief Part 5: Wiping the Boogers of Humiliation from Your Memory

Nothing shapes your beliefs about yourself faster than direct experience.

And, sometimes, people form limiting beliefs about themselves in early childhood that haunt them throughout the rest of their lives.

All it takes is one powerfully negative experience to tarnish your self-image, cripple your confidence, and limit your self-expression and your ability to connect with others.

Once I had a client come to me because he couldn’t speak to women.

Any women.

He’d just shut down in their presence…

…Averting eye contact, stuttering, and freezing up like a deer in the headlights.

He was a young man, 23, handsome and intelligent.

Nobody would have guessed he had such trouble talking to women.

But, he’d never even had a girlfriend because of his condition.

After some digging we traced the cause of his problem back to an experience he had in the 5th grade when he tried to talk to a girl he liked.

He approached her in the cafeteria during lunch and she stood up, pointed right at his face…

…and screamed…

“Eww! You have a booger hanging out of your nose!”

He was humiliated.

Then everybody else then joined in.

Dozens of other 5th graders laughing and pointing, as he stood there in shock.

Now he wasn’t just humiliated, he was completely destroyed.

At that age, in that vulnerable state, the first time he had ever worked up the nerve to show interest in a girl…

…Everything blew up in his face.

And that painful experience became so deeply, subconsciously connected with the thought of expressing interest in women that he simply couldn’t do it for the next 13 years.

The belief he developed as a result was that he was simply incapable of speaking to women – that he was doomed to die alone.

Now, obviously, the belief he should have formed was that you should always check for boogers hanging out of your nose before approaching someone you find attractive…

But deeply rooted pain like this is immune to logic and reason.

By the time the traumatic experience settles in, no amount of intellectual understanding of the situation will overcome the immense fear you feel after the fact.

Luckily for him, NLP provides several quick fixes for cases like this.

Since experiences like these hold you back in life by automatically replaying, like a video on repeat in your head, bringing back all of the pain of the original situation every time you find yourself in a similar situation…

All you need to do is edit the video.

In this case, I had him pull up the experience in his mind’s eye, as if he were viewing it on a television. Then I had him imagine that, in his hand, he was holding a remote control which he could use to turn down the volume on the experience until he was watching a silent movie of the memory.

Then, I instructed him to turn the color saturation down until it was a black and white silent movie.

Finally, he pressed the zoom button until the picture was shrunk down to nothing.

And that simple visualization exercise allowed him to wipe the booger of humiliation from his memory.

After that, he was able to easily talk to women without that painful experience flooding back into his mind like a wartime PTSD flashback.

Is it really that easy?

Often times, yes.

If you have a single, overpowered negative memory from a vulnerable time in your formative years, it can often be removed as quickly as it was put there.

Visualization is a powerfully effective tool for freeing yourself from those types of traumatic experiences…

And my Freedom from Your Past subliminal hypnosis session uses a very similar technique to subliminally turn down the volume on the excessive emotional impact of any traumatic memories you may have.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about creating brand new experiences from scratch, and if it’s really possible to create a whole new reality just by visualizing it until you believe it.

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Belief Part 4: Verbal Affirmations vs Emotions and Actions

Yesterday I talked about the subliminal affirmation method of changing belief.

Let’s say you want to feel and act more confident in social situations.

Using this method, you’d listen to affirmations to install the thinking patterns of someone who is confident, relaxed and open at social gatherings.

And you’d listen…

And listen…

And listen some more.

Every waking hour of your life, you’d keep bombarding your subconscious mind with these verbal affirmations.

And, eventually, the affirmations would cause you to start feeling confident.

Until, finally, the new feeling of confidence overpowers the old emotional habits of anxiety or insecurity, thereby changing your actions.

And, of course, you’d have many relapses along the way.

The first time you notice yourself feeling insecure or anxious, those feelings will act as affirmations that cancel out your affirmative thoughts…

…and you’re right back at square one.

My method skips all of that.

Since emotions and actions always override verbal affirmations, we can just jump to the emotional part.

When you listen to one of my subliminal CDs, instead of getting hit over the head with verbal affirmations, you’re simply instructed to recall the feeling you want to experience.

Everybody can think of a situation where they feel calm, relaxed, confident, and absolutely certain of their belief in themselves.

And any feeling you’ve ever experienced and want to experience again can be easily recalled, in a state of deep relaxation, by simply thinking of a time when you felt that way.

Then, once you’ve recalled this feeling, you are instructed to strengthen that feeling – make it intense and pure – and then keep it locked and loaded and ready to fire the second you need it.

After that, there’s no need to listen to affirmations all day.

The whole point of verbal affirmations is to generate the feeling you want.

But you can skip all that by preparing the emotional affirmation ahead of time.

So now, when you enter a social situation where you would previously be triggered to experience your old, habitual, negative thought loops and negative feelings, none of that happens.

This new feeling will fire off instead.

And your new experience of the situation will immediately affirm your new reality as a person who is confident in social situations – not only with your verbal thoughts, but with your feelings and actions as well.

The belief change is almost instantaneous and effortless in this case.

After all, it’s easy to believe that you are a confident person when you see yourself acting confidently.

And it’s easy to act confidently when you can automatically call up that feeling of confidence at a moment’s notice.

In summary: We affirm our deepest, reality-creating beliefs with our thoughts, feelings and actions. Changing our thinking with verbal affirmations is a slow and sloppy process. So it’s much easier to use emotional affirmations to change our actions, which changes our experience, which changes our beliefs, which feeds back into our automatic thoughts, feelings and actions as the new reality becomes the norm.

Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the second method for changing your beliefs: directly changing your experiences.

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Belief Part 3: Affirming Your Reality

We affirm and re-affirm our reality every moment of our waking lives.

The automatic thoughts, feelings and actions we experience throughout the day are habits that spring forth from our deepest beliefs about ourselves and our environment.

People who believe in an abundant universe think in terms of abundance. Their every thought affirms their belief in abundance – expresses their gratitude for all there is – so that their feelings and actions manifest in ways which bring them more health, wealth and good things in life…

…Thereby strengthening their existing belief in abundance.

On the other hand, people who believe that there is a lack of resources will think, feel and act in ways that affirm their belief in scarcity. Their actions will manifest the reality that reflects their belief back at them.

In other words:

To those that believe they have, more will be given. And from those that believe they have not, even that which they have will be taken away.

So how can you change your beliefs with affirmations?

Easy. Just break the pattern.

Your beliefs create your habitual thoughts…

…which then re-affirm your beliefs…

…which create your habitual thoughts…

So interrupt your negative, limiting thoughts by inserting the thoughts you’d rather have, to reflect the beliefs you’d rather have:

  • When you catch yourself thinking about scarcity, think of abundance instead.
  • When you catch yourself thinking about sickness, think of health instead.
  • When you catch yourself feeling fear of loss, stop yourself by making a conscious effort to think of things you are grateful to have instead.

…And so on.

By making this conscious effort to affirm a new pattern of thinking, you will automatically feel and act in different ways, and your beliefs will begin to change to reflect your new way of thinking.

This method is sometimes called “fake it ’till you make it,” since you won’t believe your new thoughts and actions at first.

It takes time to start seeing results and for your beliefs about yourself to update, so it can feel ‘fake’ in the beginning.

But, as you persist, you’ll quickly discover that your old beliefs which were holding you back in life were much less ‘real’ than the new beliefs that open you up to new ways of thinking and allow you to reconnect with the infinite intelligence of the universe.

How are affirmations used in my subliminals?

The most common way, of course, is to repeat a series of positive statements affirming a new way of thinking.

This is a ‘brute-force’ method that works by flooding out the old beliefs with the new beliefs through constant, subliminal exposure to the positive statements.

But my method is much more surgically precise than the old method (I’ll explain it in more detail tomorrow).

In the meantime, for those who prefer the simple “old school” method, I’ve started adding a few simple affirmations MP3s to my catalog due to the constant demand from new people discovering my website.

It has been made clear to me that some people simply prefer the old way, and no other, so instead of trying to convince them otherwise, I’m just making these available here, for those who prefer them: Subliminal Affirmations

After all, if you believe that one method will work better for you than another, it almost certainly will by the power of your belief alone!

It’s my belief, however, that my method is objectively more effective and I’ll attempt to change a few people’s beliefs about that tomorrow.

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Belief Part 2: Why ‘The Secret’ Fails Most People

When I think of the Law of Attraction, I think of Ernest Holmes.

It’s been 100 years since he revived this ancient knowledge in its current form.

And nobody has added anything new or useful to it since.

In fact, most of the copycats in the last 100 years have only confused and complicated the issue.

The issue, of course, is belief.

If you’ve struggled with any of the newer iterations of Law of Attraction teachings, drop them and go read The Science of Mind and Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes.

If you own 20 books on the subject, you’re better off throwing out the others and reading those two books 10 times each, instead of reading all 20 books once.

Belief is the key to everything. And nobody explains this better than Ernest Holmes.

We don’t attract what we wish for.

We don’t attract what we daydream about.

We don’t attract what we work really hard to achieve.

We attract exactly what we believe is inevitably coming to us.

And we attract it in exactly the ways we believe it is possible.

So why do most people fail to make any real changes in their lives after watching The Secret and trying out some of the techniques they learned?


They start with something they don’t really believe is possible, and give up before they’ve used any one technique long enough to change their belief.

The importance of belief simply isn’t stressed enough, so people come away thinking that they just need to visualize or affirm a certain outcome in order to attract it.

But visualization and affirmation are nothing more than tools used to change your beliefs.

Those tools cannot, in and of themselves, create or attract anything.

Once you understand this, it’s just a matter of finding the tools that work best for you, within your existing beliefs, and sticking with them until you get the results you want.

You’ll find hundreds of techniques to change your beliefs out there, but they can all be boiled down to three fundamental methods.

Tomorrow I’ll explain these methods in more detail, with examples, so you can choose the best methods for yourself.

I’ll also show you how I use each of them in my subliminal CDs to help people change their beliefs about themselves and grow and change in ways they previously wouldn’t have believed were possible.

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It’s Just A Placebo!

I’ve been reading through some comments on my YouTube channel.

And among the many positive comments there are, of course, plenty of trolls insisting that subliminals can’t possibly have any positive effect.

Or… if they do have an effect… it’s just a placebo.

And that’s gotta be my favorite comment of all.

“It’s just a placebo!”

It’s just the mind’s ability to create massive, positive changes in your body and your reality through the power of belief alone.

No big deal, right?

I mean, let’s really think about the placebo effect here.

A sugar pill can often cure a disease simply because the test subject was told that it was medicine. They believed that this medicine would heal them, and so their body healed itself in accordance with that belief.

Your mind has the power to dictate the reality you experience from moment to moment, based on what you believe, and if believe that a sugar pill can cure a disease, it will.

Well, obviously the sugar pill has little to do with it. Your body always has the power to heal itself, but if it takes a guy in a lab coat prescribing you a fake medicine for a clinical trial to activate your belief center and *allow* your body to heal itself…

…Then so be it.

Anyway, that sort of placebo only works on people who already have a strong faith and belief in guys in white lab coats.

Other people need a more direct method to rewire their beliefs.

And, of course, subliminal audio is a great way to directly access your subconscious and remove limiting beliefs or install useful beliefs.

Speedzen Subliminal CDs take it a step further by inducing a deep, meditative state while you listen so that you can vividly visualize the outcome you desire while you listen…

…Thereby creating much faster changes in belief, since your subconscious mind experiences those visualizations as reality.

This causes you to believe that the outcome is not only possible, but inevitable, and your new beliefs will manifest that reality…

First within – then without.

It’s just your mind’s ability to create your reality based on what you believe is possible.