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Belief Part 7: The Guardian At The Gate

So far we’ve covered how Speedzen subliminals use affirmation and visualization to remove limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs, unleashing your true creative potential and giving you more creative control over your reality. But how did the limiting beliefs get there in the first place? Simple: They walked right in, like thieves in […]

Belief Part 6: Reality Creation Is A Team Sport

Until now, we’ve been discussing subjective beliefs and subjective reality. On my website, I usually focus on the idea that you have a subconscious self-image… a set of beliefs about yourself and your subjective reality… And your inner and outer worlds will always reflect this self-image back to you. This means, of course, that if […]

Belief Part 5: Wiping the Boogers of Humiliation from Your Memory

Nothing shapes your beliefs about yourself faster than direct experience. And, sometimes, people form limiting beliefs about themselves in early childhood that haunt them throughout the rest of their lives. All it takes is one powerfully negative experience to tarnish your self-image, cripple your confidence, and limit your self-expression and your ability to connect with […]

Belief Part 4: Verbal Affirmations vs Emotions and Actions

Yesterday I talked about the subliminal affirmation method of changing belief. Let’s say you want to feel and act more confident in social situations. Using this method, you’d listen to affirmations to install the thinking patterns of someone who is confident, relaxed and open at social gatherings. And you’d listen… And listen… And listen some […]

Belief Part 3: Affirming Your Reality

We affirm and re-affirm our reality every moment of our waking lives. The automatic thoughts, feelings and actions we experience throughout the day are habits that spring forth from our deepest beliefs about ourselves and our environment. People who believe in an abundant universe think in terms of abundance. Their every thought affirms their belief […]

Belief Part 2: Why ‘The Secret’ Fails Most People

When I think of the Law of Attraction, I think of Ernest Holmes. It’s been 100 years since he revived this ancient knowledge in its current form. And nobody has added anything new or useful to it since. In fact, most of the copycats in the last 100 years have only confused and complicated the […]

It’s Just A Placebo!

I’ve been reading through some comments on my YouTube channel. And among the many positive comments there are, of course, plenty of trolls insisting that subliminals can’t possibly have any positive effect. Or… if they do have an effect… it’s just a placebo. And that’s gotta be my favorite comment of all. “It’s just a […]