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Have a Lucky Friday the 13th!

An insurance company did a study in 2008 and found that Friday the 13th is actually one of the safest days to drive.

There are fewer accidents on Friday the 13th because, due to the superstition, people are automatically more aware of their surroundings.

And, as a result of their increased awareness, they drive safer.

Awareness and luck go hand in hand.

Lucky people tend to be more relaxed and aware of what’s going on around them.

So they’re more likely to notice good opportunities and take action.

They’re also far more likely to notice potential dangers and avoid them.

Unlucky people, on the other hand, tend to be more anxious. Their awareness becomes a sort of tunnel vision that focuses on one thing at a time, to the exclusion of all else. So they’re more likely miss out on good opportunities, as well as signs of danger that could prevent them from making huge mistakes.

We all have an intuitive understanding of the true nature of luck when we use the term “happy-go-lucky” to describe a person who goes about their day with an open, curious and relaxed attitude towards life…

Because this is the very attitude required to be a lucky person.

When you maintain a “happy-go-lucky” attitude you’ll notice more opportunities and you’ll notice potential dangers before they become a problem. People will see you as “lucky” simply because your awareness increases your good experiences and decreases your bad experiences.

So… have a lucky Friday the 13th!

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