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Sticking to New Habits: Focus on the Payoff

Sticking to a new habit can feel like you’re punishing yourself…

Or it can feel like you’re setting yourself free…

All depending on how you choose to look at it.

A few years ago, when I decided to start going to the gym, it was tempting to talk myself out of it. After all, it felt like a lot of unnecessary work and pain at first. But I didn’t focus on the fact that I was making myself exercise.

Instead, I focused on the freedom I was giving myself to feel stronger, more energetic, and more alive. I kept myself motivated by focusing on the payoff, instead of the effort and discomfort required to get there.

And now, 5 years later, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I have way more energy than I would have if I had continued to sit at my desk all day every day and never exercise. I never allowed myself to think of going to the gym as a punishment or a chore. I always looked at it as an act of liberation. I was freeing myself from an unhealthy lifestyle. I was freeing myself from the decades of poor health, low energy, and eventual losing battle with heart disease that my father experienced before me, thanks to his poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

And this is exactly the shift in mindset that Speedzen subliminal sessions use to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. They keep you focused on the benefits of your new habits instead of the discomfort caused by letting go of your bad habits:

  • Sticking to a new diet becomes a gift you’re giving to yourself, instead of being seen as a punishment or restriction.
  • Dropping an addiction feels like cutting off a ball and chain that’s been holding you back, instead of depriving yourself of pleasure.
  • Getting your home decluttered and keeping it that way stops feeling like a chore as you realize how much you’re decluttering your mind and emotions in the process.
  • And so on…

Making positive changes in your life is easier when you stay focused on the payoff, instead of the cost. And, it’s almost completely effortless when you can get your subconscious mind focused on the payoff as well.

This approach to motivation is one of the keys to the effectiveness Speedzen’s subliminal CDs.

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