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Stop being a stranger to success

One of the biggest stumbling blocks towards success, for most people, is that the life they want to live is so completely different from the life they’re currently living that…

It seems like a stranger’s life, and not their own.

And your subconscious mind will always strive to keep you in familiar territory.


It’s a primitive survival mechanism that keeps you from wandering off and getting lost and eaten by predators.

But now, even in the relative safety of our modern world, it’s also the reason why it’s hard to make positive life changes whenever they push you out of your comfort zone.

Even if the change you’re striving for is GREAT, something you REALLY WANT, something that would be super beneficial for you…

As long as it remains unfamiliar… you will unconsciously resist it and return to whatever lifestyle is most familiar to you.

So how do you expand yourself into unfamiliar territory?

How do you push outside of your comfort zone to BE more, DO more, and ACHIEVE more than your subconscious mind feels safe allowing you to achieve?

You visualize.

Clearly, completely, with all of your five senses… you visualize and live out a virtual-reality experience of the life you want – as if you’re already living it.

This gives your subconscious mind a taste of what it is you’re looking for in life.

Then, once you can create this virtual experience of your desired life as clearly as if you’ve already achieved it, and repeat that experience often enough to make it feel perfectly familiar and normal to you…

You’ll naturally gravitate towards that new life.

Because your subconscious mind will continue to do what it always does: directing your thoughts, feelings and habits from behind the scenes to keep you moving towards your goals.

Only now, because you’ve added new and familiar territory through your visualization, your subconscious mind won’t resist moving towards those things that were previously way outside of your comfort zone.

If you can imagine it and visualize it until it feels familiar to you, your subconscious mind can get you there…

Effortlessly and automatically…

Even though it’s only familiar in your imagination!

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

P.S. If you need help visualizing I know a few tricks I’d be glad to share. You can also supercharge your visualization skill almost overnight with this subliminal session.

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