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You are more powerful than you can imagine

What resolutions did you make for yourself this year?

The answers I get to this question usually shock me, because…

I can’t believe how little people think of themselves.

“I want to lose some weight.”

“I want to make more money.”

“I want to eat healthier.”

“I want to exercise more.”

None of these things are bad, of course.

It’s just that people aim so low.

They set their sights based on what they believe they are capable of accomplishing.

And then they put effort into that goal based on limiting beliefs of how much effort they are capable of exerting.

You are so much more powerful than you can even imagine.

You’ve been given a mind that is capable of accessing the infinite intelligence of the universe that created it and applying that information to give you…

* Problem solving skills capable of finding the solution to any challenge you will ever face.

* Creative ability capable of designing any lifestyle you could ever imagine for yourself and your loved ones.

* Limitless physical energy, emotional fortitude, and mental strength to get to work to make your imagined future a reality.

But instead of imaging just how much you could really achieve with access to your true, limitless potential, most people reading this will instead begin to think and feel how limited they are.

They’ll imagine all the difficulties ahead, without realizing that they are fully equipped to deal with every single one of them.

They’ll feel tired thinking about all the work involved, without realizing how much energy will come to them once they get moving and build some momentum.

Make it your goal to realize just how much you are truly capable of achieving.

Blow away those mental barriers that have been forcing you to think small and then look back at the end of 2023 in awe at how much you accomplished.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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