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Stop Giving Away Your Super Powers

Visualization gives you access to the control panel of your subconscious abilities.

It allows you to tap into that bottomless sea of creative energy hidden deep within you, so that you can accomplish anything you desire in life.

And your subconscious is always working, quietly behind the scenes, to bring you whatever you ask of it – with your mental images and your emotions.

It’s always waiting for orders on what to do next.

And it will always do whatever you command of it, without question… and…

Without regard to whether or not the command was intentional.

Or whether the command good for you, or bad for you.

It just does what you tell it to do, through your visualization and your feeling, without resistance or argument.

You see…

Learning to use your own creative power is more about learning to *stop* letting other people use it for you.

You’re already attracting whatever you think about, visualize, and feel the strongest and most often, on any given day.

Because those images and feelings are the commands that your subconscious is always following, as it guides all of your habits throughout the day.

And how do other people access the control panel of your subconscious mind?

With stories.

We’re hard-wired to respond to stories.

Stories reach right in there and start pushing all the buttons for us, creating mental movies and all the emotions that go along with them, right on the spot.

This is great when we’re exposed to stories meant to help us achieve more, do more, and *BE* more.

Stories that empower us and give us hope in our own abilities, our own strength, our own personal power to respond to life’s challenges… to learn and to grow and to enjoy the ride…


That’s not really the type of story you’ll see when you actually start to pay attention, is it?

Tune into any mainstream news network at any time of the day and you’re not likely to see a story about how we, as individuals, are responsible for our own destinies.

You won’t see stories about how we’re stronger, smarter, and more capable than we tend to assume.


In fact, you’ll usually see the exact opposite…

Stories about how we’re all helpless victims. Pawns in somebody else’s global game of chess.

Stories about victimhood. Helplessness. Powerlessness. Oppressor versus oppressed.

Most of the stories we’re told are designed to tap into our subconscious mind and shape us into perpetual victims: Nothing more than cogs in a machine.

We all have within us this infinite creative power to reshape ourselves and the world around us.

So why not use it?

Take control of it.

Don’t let other people use it for you.

Guard your mental movies and the stories you tell yourself as if your life depended on it…

And you’ll quickly see your life improve as you prove to yourself that it’s true.


  1. Trina Glasgow

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š perfect timing! Namastรฉ

  2. Tracey Bryant

    Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you (again)

  3. Great…2nd time reading it

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