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Why so few people succeed where most people fail

Success is all about seeing opportunities.

It’s about what you notice…

…or fail to notice.

I noticed an interesting experiment once where a self-described “unlucky” man was followed for a few days.

The experimenters set up lucky events for this guy, to see if they could change his belief about himself.

But the events in his life didn’t make him lucky or unlucky, because…

He completely ignored all the lucky events.

For example: One day he walked right past some cash that they had placed on the ground in front of his office.

He didn’t even notice it was there.

Another passerby picked it up instead.

So his belief that he was unlucky forced him to conform to that belief.

Even to the point of ignoring lucky events all around himself.

Your beliefs about yourself also shape your reality.

In exactly the same way.

Because they force you to notice things that confirm those beliefs…

…And to completely ignore anything that might change those belief (even if it’s a good change!)

Put two different people, with two different sets of beliefs, in to the exact same situation and…

They’ll experience two entirely different realities.

One person – blessed with an abundance mindset and a belief in infinite possibilities – will see himself surrounded by opportunities.

He’ll immediately get to work, using those opportunities to increase his position and improve his reality even more.

But another person – cursed with a scarcity mindset and a belief in a fundamental lack of possibilities…

He’ll see himself with nothing.

He’ll focus on everything that he doesn’t have and make all sorts of excuses for not taking action to improve his situation.

Given the exact same circumstances, he will experience a totally different reality, and a totally different outcome…

…Even though the external reality is exactly the same for both people.

So what beliefs are shaping your reality?

Is it a belief in abundance that allows you to see the opportunities around you, and take action to make the most of them?

Or are you instead held prisoner by the belief that you have limited opportunities, or that you’re unlucky, or that success just isn’t in the cards for you?

Either way, you’re surrounded by opportunity and abundance. We all are. More so today than any other point in history!

Maybe you just aren’t noticing it.

How many times have you walked right past money on the road…

Literally or metaphorically…

Simply because your negative belief didn’t let you see it?

Our Attract Money Subliminal Session is designed to help you notice, more and more each day, all the opportunities around you.

So that you can seize those opportunities and take action to tap into the wealth that already exists, all around you.

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