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How To Get Anything You Want In 6 Simple Steps

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

Napoleon Hill

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spells out the exact formula for getting anything you want in life.

And it all starts with building up an intense, burning desire to achieve your goal.

Not just a wanting or wishing…

…but a fiery obsession to achieve your desire.

These are the six steps you need to follow to build up this burning desire within you…

  1. Fix the exact amount of money you want in your mind.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money.
  3. Establish a fixed date for when it will be yours.
  4. Create a plan and start to act on it immediately (regardless of whether you are ready or not!)
  5. Write a concise statement of the exact amount, the time limit for it, what you intend to give in exchange, and your plan for accomplishing it.
  6. Read your written statement twice per day (morning and evening) and when you do, you have to see and feel yourself being in possession of the money already.

And of course this isn’t just for money.

It works for anything you want in life.

Success is inevitable once you complete steps 1-5 and then read your statement every day.

  • Your conscious mind becomes focused on your goal to the point of obsession.
  • Your subconscious mind – supercharged by your growing desire – begins to offer up new ideas and solutions to help you reach your goal.
  • Failures become learning experiences that propel you forward and energize you, instead of holding you back and demoralizing you.
  • Even if your plan was vague to start, it’ll rapidly become crystal clear as you keep moving forward and your creative imagination grows stronger.
  • You quickly build up a momentum that makes you completely unstoppable.

The only way you can fail is if you pick a goal that doesn’t actually inspire you to action long enough to build up that momentum… that burning desire. (But in that case you can just use the 6 steps to find your true desire.)

Heck… even if you have trouble with steps 2 and 4, those things will become clear down the road if you just start with what you have and begin building up your desire.

Your imagination and your intuition will shock you with all the ideas and plans that pop up in your mind once you’ve got that fire of desire burning in your belly.

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Why so few people succeed where most people fail

Success is all about seeing opportunities.

It’s about what you notice…

…or fail to notice.

I noticed an interesting experiment once where a self-described “unlucky” man was followed for a few days.

The experimenters set up lucky events for this guy, to see if they could change his belief about himself.

But the events in his life didn’t make him lucky or unlucky, because…

He completely ignored all the lucky events.

For example: One day he walked right past some cash that they had placed on the ground in front of his office.

He didn’t even notice it was there.

Another passerby picked it up instead.

So his belief that he was unlucky forced him to conform to that belief.

Even to the point of ignoring lucky events all around himself.

Your beliefs about yourself also shape your reality.

In exactly the same way.

Because they force you to notice things that confirm those beliefs…

…And to completely ignore anything that might change those belief (even if it’s a good change!)

Put two different people, with two different sets of beliefs, in to the exact same situation and…

They’ll experience two entirely different realities.

One person – blessed with an abundance mindset and a belief in infinite possibilities – will see himself surrounded by opportunities.

He’ll immediately get to work, using those opportunities to increase his position and improve his reality even more.

But another person – cursed with a scarcity mindset and a belief in a fundamental lack of possibilities…

He’ll see himself with nothing.

He’ll focus on everything that he doesn’t have and make all sorts of excuses for not taking action to improve his situation.

Given the exact same circumstances, he will experience a totally different reality, and a totally different outcome…

…Even though the external reality is exactly the same for both people.

So what beliefs are shaping your reality?

Is it a belief in abundance that allows you to see the opportunities around you, and take action to make the most of them?

Or are you instead held prisoner by the belief that you have limited opportunities, or that you’re unlucky, or that success just isn’t in the cards for you?

Either way, you’re surrounded by opportunity and abundance. We all are. More so today than any other point in history!

Maybe you just aren’t noticing it.

How many times have you walked right past money on the road…

Literally or metaphorically…

Simply because your negative belief didn’t let you see it?

Our Attract Money Subliminal Session is designed to help you notice, more and more each day, all the opportunities around you.

So that you can seize those opportunities and take action to tap into the wealth that already exists, all around you.

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Weak Wishes Create Weak Results

Imagine you’ve just rubbed a magic lamp and a genie popped out.

He says to you:

“Tell me your wish and I will grant it to you.”

And you reply:

“Well… uhm… I guess I’d like to have a little more money each month.”

The genie looks confused for a second, then shrugs his shoulders and replies, “Okay… wish granted… I guess.”

And then… the following day…

You head in to work and learn that you’ve received a small raise.

Your wish was granted.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

And it doesn’t make for a very intriguing tale of fantasy and adventure.

I’m sure you can blurt out 3 better wishes off the top of your head right now.

Wishes that you could speak out loud with absolute certainty and conviction in your desire.

Wishes that you can feel right to the core of your very being.

Wishes that inspire you to dream of a better life.

Wishes that make you feel excited and fully energized.

And yet…

The story above is true.

But, the person in the story was a customer of mine, and the “genie” was his own subconscious mind.

When people ask me for advice on how to use the “Attract Money” session, I always recommend getting clear on how much you want, and *why* you want it, and then writing down your goal and reminding yourself of that goal as often as possible.

And visualize your goal, as if it is already achieved, while you listen to the session.

Your goal is your wish.

And your subconscious mind will work quietly, behind the scenes, to grant that wish in whatever ways you believe are possible.

And to whatever extent you believe is possible.


If you only think, feel, and believe in small wishes…

You will only be granted small wishes.

Now, compare the previous story with another customer of mine who wrote down this ‘wish’:

“I work with people less talented than me, with less experience and expertise than me, who make three times as much money as me. I want to make as much as those people and I want it now, so I can give my children the beautiful home, healthy food, nice clothes, and excellent education that I didn’t have as a child.”

Did this man get a small raise?


He got a brand new position in his company that paid 3 times more than his previous position.

Using the same skills… doing the same amount of work… he was suddenly making way more.

The only thing that changed was his belief that he was worth as much as those other guys, and his wish for more money was granted in the way he believed possible and to the extent he believed possible.

So keep this in mind if you’re getting weak results with the Law of Attraction, or my Attract Money subliminal CD in particular…

Better wishes = better results.

And the best wishes bring the best in life.

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Belief Part 2: Why ‘The Secret’ Fails Most People

When I think of the Law of Attraction, I think of Ernest Holmes.

It’s been 100 years since he revived this ancient knowledge in its current form.

And nobody has added anything new or useful to it since.

In fact, most of the copycats in the last 100 years have only confused and complicated the issue.

The issue, of course, is belief.

If you’ve struggled with any of the newer iterations of Law of Attraction teachings, drop them and go read The Science of Mind and Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes.

If you own 20 books on the subject, you’re better off throwing out the others and reading those two books 10 times each, instead of reading all 20 books once.

Belief is the key to everything. And nobody explains this better than Ernest Holmes.

We don’t attract what we wish for.

We don’t attract what we daydream about.

We don’t attract what we work really hard to achieve.

We attract exactly what we believe is inevitably coming to us.

And we attract it in exactly the ways we believe it is possible.

So why do most people fail to make any real changes in their lives after watching The Secret and trying out some of the techniques they learned?


They start with something they don’t really believe is possible, and give up before they’ve used any one technique long enough to change their belief.

The importance of belief simply isn’t stressed enough, so people come away thinking that they just need to visualize or affirm a certain outcome in order to attract it.

But visualization and affirmation are nothing more than tools used to change your beliefs.

Those tools cannot, in and of themselves, create or attract anything.

Once you understand this, it’s just a matter of finding the tools that work best for you, within your existing beliefs, and sticking with them until you get the results you want.

You’ll find hundreds of techniques to change your beliefs out there, but they can all be boiled down to three fundamental methods.

Tomorrow I’ll explain these methods in more detail, with examples, so you can choose the best methods for yourself.

I’ll also show you how I use each of them in my subliminal CDs to help people change their beliefs about themselves and grow and change in ways they previously wouldn’t have believed were possible.

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Lying Thieves and The Law of Attraction

A “customer” sent me an email this weekend berating me for the ineffectiveness of my Attract Money subliminal session.

After some back and forth, however, he confessed that he had actually downloaded it from a file sharing site.

So I had to wonder what he expected.

It doesn’t matter how effective the session is under normal circumstances, because he stole it.

He told his subconscious mind – right off the bat – that “This isn’t worth buying, because it’s probably not going to work.”

And so it worked exactly as he expected.

What a surprise!

So, in case you ever wondered, none of my subliminal sessions include any sort of piracy protection.

There’s just no point.

Not only would it be counter-productive, and risk interfering with the effectiveness of the sessions for honest customers…

It’s simply not necessary.

Anyone who steals mindset improving tools isn’t going to get anything they want in life until they begin to appreciate the value of others’ hard work. Only then can they appreciate their own value and expect to be rewarded for their own efforts.

And that’s truly important…

Because we attract what we are, not what we want.

Lying to people attracts liars into your life.

Stealing from people attracts thieves into your life.

If you want abundance in your life you must be abundant. You get what you need in life by helping others get what they need. Thieves and liars cut themselves off from this spiritual economy of abundance by telling themselves that there just isn’t enough to go around – that for them to gain anything, somebody else must lose something.

But true abundance is based on win-win, rather than win-lose, interactions with the people around you…

And our actions speak louder than our words when we set goals for ourselves and affirm those goals to our subconscious mind.

Stealing is an action that affirms the scarcity mindset. It affirms it so strongly, in fact, that no amount of positive affirmations or self-hypnosis will override it.

No, an affirming action as strong as stealing can only be undone, at the subconscious level, with the equal and opposite action.

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Attitude of Gratitude: 1 Simple Trick for a Happier Life

Happy people are more successful in their personal and professional lives than unhappy people. Feeling happy improves your immune system and increases your energy levels so that you can live life to the fullest without getting bogged down by illness and unfortunate events.

Happiness makes you more optimistic and motivates you to achieve new heights in every area of your life.

So if you ever think for one moment that you have to be successful to be happy, you’re using a backwards approach to success that will leave you spinning your wheels…

Not to worry! Here’s one simple trick you can use every morning to maintain a healthy, positive attitude of thankfulness.

When you first wake up, before you do anything else, say to yourself “Today I am grateful that …” And then fill in the blank with anything you feel even remotely happy about.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the lowest point of your entire life and everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong. No matter how bad things seem, the fact that you’re still alive means there’s something that can make you feel thankful.

Maybe you’ve lost your job but you still have your health. Maybe you’ve fallen ill but you have a supportive family. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one but you have caring friends. Pick any one thing you can feel grateful for and then write it down. Keep a notepad and pen by your bed so that you can write down this one thing right away, every single morning.

That’s all there is to it!

Now maybe you’re thinking that this simple little exercise won’t do much good. It’s too easy, or too silly to make any difference.

On the contrary. I guarantee that if you start tomorrow morning and do it every morning it will change the entire direction of your life for the better. And the effects are cumulative. The more you do it, the more it works, the better things become in your life, and the more you feel like doing it.

Here’s why…

You know how when you’re driving and you look at something off the road for longer than a quick glance, and you begin to automatically drift in that direction without realizing that you are turning at all? The same thing happens mentally and emotionally on the road of life. If you find yourself focusing too long on the obstacles in your path instead of focusing on the road ahead, your subconscious mind will begin to subtly shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions in ways that move you more towards the obstacles and away from your goals.

On the other hand, if you focus on feelings of gratitude for what you already have, your subconscious move you to think, feel and behave in ways that will create even more success and positive events in your life.

When you spend the first few moments of every morning thinking about just one thing that makes you feel grateful, you will begin to feel happier in general. The happier you feel, the more outgoing and energetic you will be. You’ll make more friends and improve your existing relationships by making others happier. You’ll make better decisions, take better care of yourself, and become more successful in everything you do.