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Be The Hero Of Your Own Story

You recognize a hero’s story when you read one:

A normal person has their life thrown into chaos by some unexpected event.

They go through trials and tribulations as their understanding of the true nature of their reality is torn to pieces.

They face seemingly impossible challenges, but they keep going.

They learn and grow along the way… usually under the guidance of a mentor or some higher ideal… some guiding force that can lead them to a new understanding of their place in the world.

Until, finally, they reach that transformational moment when everything falls into place and they can return to the world to face off with their villain.

And, once victorious, take their rightful place in the world as they were truly meant to be.

So, are you the hero of your own story?

If not, it’s a fairly simple mindset shift…

Making yourself the hero of your own story means that you start looking at past events in your life with a renewed sense of meaning.

Instead of seeing the painful events and horrific failures of your past as proof that you are a failure or a victim, instead…

You begin to see them as trials and challenges of your own personal, heroic journey.

You begin to assume that everything, good and bad, in your past has been leading up to some major breakthrough experience that will reveal to you your true purpose in life.

And when you assume that everything is working towards some bigger purpose, it does.

Because when you assume that it’s true, your subconscious mind automatically starts finding all the reasons that it is true. And it gets to work rewriting your personal story, your self-image, with this new sense of meaning.

You’ll start to see how all of your experiences were preparing you for the next step.

You’ll realize that all the bad things that didn’t kill you (you’re still alive, after all) are actually sources of strength and wisdom to help others avoid needless suffering.

You’ll see that all the skills you’ve acquired along the way have opened unexpected opportunities in your present and future.

And, you’ll find that everything is connected in ways you may never have expected… that life is much more deep and meaningful than you ever would have guessed.

Your past, present, and future will change for the better when you look at them in this new light.

Yes, the events of your past remain the same, but the story changes.

The story that weaves all those events together into a coherent narrative changes.

And so they take on an entirely new meaning, and you will take on an entire new attitude towards yourself and the world around you.

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  1. Samantha weston

    Awesome, i love it, just flip the table. Good one n good on you for finding that. ☺

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