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Write A Better Story – Live A Better Life

We all have a subconscious image of ourselves.

And all of our subconscious beliefs and habits reflect that image back to us in our daily lives.

This is the foundational principle used in my subliminals:

Change your self-image – directly, at the subconscious level – and all your beliefs and habits will automatically change.

When you see yourself as a confident and successful person, you will act like a confident and successful person…

You will simply BE confident and successful because that’s how you see yourself.

And this is a useful way to explain how my subliminals work.


Calling it a self-image has some limitations.

After all, it’s not like a portrait hanging on the wall of your imagination.

It’s really more of an ongoing story.

It’s the story you have of yourself, and the world, and your place within the world.

It’s the story that ties together all of the events and experiences of your life in a way that makes sense and gives meaning to everything that you do.

And the meaning you attach to events can make the difference between motivation and defeat; Learning or losing; Growing stronger or getting weaker.

You see, too often we take a passive role in how our personal story gets written.

We simply take what we’re given in childhood and run with it.

And, if we were given a good story to start with, that’s great. We’ll continue to live out that story and add to it as we go about our adult lives.

However, that wasn’t the case for me and, unfortunately, it isn’t the case for most people.

What usually happens, instead, is we’re given stories in which we are nothing more than supporting characters…

…In our *own* personal life stories.

Instead of playing the leading role, the hero who heads out to face life’s challenges, learn and grow, and help and inspire others along the way…

A lot of us end up defeated before we even head out on our own, and live out the rest of our lives playing the role of a background extra in the stories of the people around us. Or worse, we end up as the helpless victims in the story of some villain.

So, this week, I’m going to talk about how you can rewrite your personal story so that you’re the hero.

Because when you take conscious control of your own story – past, present, and future – you free yourself from all the confusing or painful events in your past that rob your life of meaning and purpose.

1. Negative experiences become the challenges of your hero’s quest to develop strength and wisdom that can help others.

2. The positive experiences of your past start to weave themselves together into an ongoing story of growth, learning, and achievement.

3. Where you are now, in the present, begins to make more sense and, most importantly, you get a clearer idea of where you’re heading in the future. And you’ll be motivated by a renewed, deeper sense of purpose.

Even the darkest tragedy can be rewritten into a tale of heroic accomplishment, transforming a past of pain and victimhood into a future where anything is still possible.

Because it’s not the things that happen to us that determine our self-image and, as a result, our destiny.

Rather, it’s the meaning we attach to those things. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about *why* things happen.

And the better your story, the better your life will be. Now and in the future.

So, tomorrow I’ll talk about just that: The key elements of the hero’s journey and…

How to be the hero of your own story, even if you’ve never seen yourself as anything more than a victim or a supporting character up until now.

In the meantime, my Freedom From Your Past subliminal session can give you a huge head start on rewriting your past to create a better future.

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