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How to get infinite self-discipline

What does self-discipline look like to you?

For me, it’s the ability to do what needs to be done whether I feel like it or not.

Especially when I DON’T feel like it.

  • Don’t feel like hitting the gym today? I remind myself why I chose to make working out a part of my daily routine in the first place and then I get up and drag my lazy butt to the gym anyway.
  • Don’t feel like working today? I have a big ol’ handwritten chart of all my debts and monthly bills that I can look at to get myself moving.
  • Don’t feel like eating healthy today? My kids are watching my every move and I don’t want to let them think it’s okay to eat like the average American, ever, for any reason. At 3 and 5 they need to learn healthy eating habits now so they don’t have to fight to unlearn bad habits later in life.
  • Don’t feel like doing my share of the daily chores? Again, my children are watching.

And so on…

I treat self-discipline like a muscle I can strengthen with exercise, and it keeps getting stronger. The more I exercise that muscle the less I need all those psychological tricks and motivators to get me moving.

And now research into the issue is beginning to shed some light on whether or not self-discipline works like a muscle for everybody.

But first, how does self-discipline work in your experience up until now?

Is it something that runs on internal fuel that is spent with use?

Or is it something that is strengthened as you apply it and persist?

Well, your answer makes a huge difference in how much self-discipline you actually have.

For years, research in psychology just assumed that self-discipline is a fuel that gets used up and needs to be refilled through breaks, rest, and sleep.

Recently though, personal belief has been singled out as the deciding factor in how you will experience self-discipline.

If you believe self-discipline is an expendable resource, your willpower tends to fade with use.

On the other hand…

If you believe that exercising your self-control strengthens and fuels it…

Well, then that will be your experience as you resist temptations or buckle down to get something done when you don’t feel like it.


This is very important so I’ll just say it again…

Recent research is showing that how you, personally, experience self-discipline is dictated by what you believe.

If you believe it is an expendable resource, it will be… for you.

If you believe that it can be strengthened like a muscle with use, it will be… for you.

So what can you do if self-discipline is something you struggle with?

How do you switch gears and get it to work like a muscle instead of a fast-draining rechargeable battery?

You change your belief.

And that’s what Speedzen subliminals are all about.

Subconsciously reprogramming your beliefs about yourself so that you experience the world differently.

And when it comes to self-discipline…

Just replace your belief about self-discipline being a fuel that needs constant refilling to a belief that it’s a muscle that gets stronger every time you use it and…

Then it will be.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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