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Need a confidence boost? Stand up straight…

It’s still amazing to me how many so-called “confidence” issues can be fixed just by reminding people to stand up straight.

I’m able to take on more coaching clients these days, now that I’m not living in the boonies anymore.

And working with people in person is so much easier than over the phone.

Because I can see how they carry themselves.

And that tells me more about what’s going on in their mind than anything they say.

The first thing you’ll notice about anybody who says they wish the could feel more confident is…

Their shoulders slouch forward and they’re always looking down.

And they assume that correct posture is something that will come naturally once they fix their confidence.

But that’s not the case.

In fact, they can’t feel confident until they fix their posture.

Neuroscience has proven it.

Study after study has shown that simply reminding yourself to stand tall causes a cascade of hormonal changes in your body…

Which rewires your entire nervous system to feel more energetic, outgoing, and self-assured.

Which means that…

Confidence follows good posture. It’s not the other way around.

And one of the main features of the Unstoppable Confidence 2.0 session is that it gets you to see yourself as someone who naturally stands tall and confident…

Which causes you to stand tall…

Because your body tends to mimic the image you hold of yourself in your mind’s eye.

And then…

Since you’re standing confidently…

You begin to feel more confident – automatically – simply because your central nervous system is wired to release confidence-boosting hormones when you project confident body language.

And it creates a positive feedback loop of confidence, because those hormones cause you to take on even more confident body language, which causes your brain to release more feel-good chemicals, and so on…

So all you need to do is start seeing yourself as someone who stands tall and confident, and the rest will follow.

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