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Self-Discipline is NOT self-punishment

The good man, though a slave, is free; the wicked, though he reigns, is a slave, and not the slave of a single man, but — what is far worse — the slave of as many masters as he has vices.

St. Augustine

Self-discipline is treated like a dirty word these days.

People cringe when you talk about self-discipline as they begin to imagine depriving themselves of all their favorite foods, forcing themselves to get up early, do painful and exhausting physical exercise, working harder instead of playing more, and so on.

But self-discipline isn’t about depriving yourself of pleasure, torturing yourself, or beating yourself up for your failures.


It’s about freedom.

  • Freedom from self-destructive habits that feel good in the moment but do major damage to your mind and body over time.
  • Freedom from uncontrolled emotions that cause you to lash out and hurt your relationships with others.
  • Freedom from frantic, unfocused thoughts that cause you to be stressed out an overwhelmed with life.

Self-discipline is about taking all of those automatic, unconscious, uncontrolled thoughts, feelings, and habits – which are causing you to suffer in the long-term…

And replacing them with consciously chosen habits that will make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling… every single day.

Liberating yourself from your vices means you are free to create the life YOU choose, on your own terms, without all the self-destructive habits and self-sabotage that most people suffer through their entire lives.

Instead of wandering aimlessly through life like a ship without a captain – eventually being dashed to bits on some rocky shore – you take the wheel of your own ship and guide yourself to where you really want to be.

And yes, it takes work.

You’ll make mistakes.

But even mistakes are victories on the path to self-discipline.

Mistakes mean you moved forward, you learned something, and you’ll correct course and continue moving forward.

Instead of being stuck in the same rut you were in, you’re already well on your way to creating a better life for yourself.

And it keeps getting better every day, because it’s a process, not an event.

Whether you want to improve your health, your relationships, your finances, or something else…

You are NOT depriving or punishing yourself.

Whatever goal you set – whatever promise you made to yourself – is going to take you where you want to go as long as you remember to see it for what it is…

The gift of freedom…

A gift you’re giving to yourself.

And reminding yourself of this whenever the going gets tough will keep you on track, keep you motivated, and take you farther in life than you ever dreamed possible.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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