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The Cons of “Pros and Cons” Decision Making

Overthinking important decisions in your personal life almost always leads to the wrong choice.

It’s odd, but despite the fact that gathering all the information and thinking out all of the possibilities should, in theory, provide the best decision, the happiest and most content people tend to be the ones who make quick decisions based on gut feelings.

Of course if you’re a leader of a nation making a decision that will affect the economy of your country for decades to come, you’ll want every expert and every computer model available crunching every piece of data there is to come up with the solution most likely to succeed.

But if you’re choosing your next car, your next house, your next job, or even your spouse…

The best decision will be the one that comes from your gut.


When we make decisions about our personal lives, and go with the pros and cons approach, the conscious mind is often distracted by meaningless information.

Price, convenience, gas mileage, and so many other surface details that have nothing to do with the most important piece of information you’ll need to make the right choice:

How will you feel about this decision one year, two years, five years from now?

Decisions from the gut are decisions directly from your subconscious mind. And the subconscious has access to all the same information your conscious mind does, and so much more. It also isn’t distracted by the unimportant details.

  • It usually cuts right to the real issue:
  • Am I going to feel good about driving this car?
  • Is this house going to feel like a home or a prison?
  • Is this job even worth the pay or is it going to suck the life out of me?
  • If I marry this person will we still get along with each other for the rest of our lives after the excitement wears off?

So it’s important to go over everything you know about the decision. Write out your pros and cons. Think it over to avoid in any obvious mistakes. But then pass it off to your subconscious mind for the final decision.

When it comes to personal life decisions, your gut choices will always be right, if you know how to listen.

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