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What does confidence look like, to you?

We all have a different picture of confidence.

What’s yours?

Even if you don’t see yourself as confident, you can certainly picture someone you see as confident.

Maybe a friend, or family member, or some famous person you admire…

How do they stand?

How do they move?

How do they talk?

What is it about them that says to you: “I’m perfectly comfortable with myself”?

Men and women, young and old, can all think of some celebrity they’d love to be like.

To walk as confidently as they do…

To talk as confidently as they do…

To see themselves enjoying the status, admiration and respect that comes from nothing more than feeling like you deserve it.

And seeing yourself behaving that way is the key to feeling.

Chances are, if you don’t feel very confident in certain situations, it’s because you’ve learned to see yourself acting as if you’re not.

Your mental image of yourself collapses in those situations.

And your feelings about yourself quickly follow.

How do you see yourself behaving in a situation where you usually feel less confident than you should?

That image in your mind controls your behavior in those situations…

…Making you feel and act just as unconfident as you see yourself, in your mind’s eye.

My Unstoppable Confidence session allows you to change that mental picture of yourself.

It starts by allowing you to relax and call to mind images of what confidence looks like to you.

It encourages you to search your memories and feelings, looking for any examples of confident behaviors that you’d much rather have in those situations.

Then, it allows you to develop a stronger, brighter mental movie of yourself… behaving in those confident ways… even in situations where you’ve previously felt very insecure.

So now, those mental movies will stick in your mind throughout your day.

You’ll find yourself, more and more, maintaining a strong mental image of yourself as just the type of calm, relaxed, and confident person you’d rather be.

And that new movie will reshape your new feelings and behaviors, even in those old situations.

Soon, your confident self-image becomes permanent, so that your confidence becomes… unstoppable!

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