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When in doubt, just start moving

You can’t decide on a course of action without cutting off all your other options.

And that’s scary.

But… that fear can lead to long-term procrastination, and avoiding your own plans and goals, if you let it.

Especially for big decisions, where the serious self-doubts really kick in:

“How can I know this what I really want?”

“What if I commit all my time and energy and decide later on that this isn’t right for me?”

A lot of people email me asking for advice on where to start.

They have so many things they’d like to do with their lives, but they just need to have a perfect plan in place before they decide to get moving.


There is no perfect plan for life.

We each make our own path as we go.

Sure, we can plan out a few steps ahead, but we need to constantly change course as the world changes around us.

And taking action to learn and grow as a person will also change your outlook, which will change your course even more.

So waiting for a perfect path to show itself before you decide to take your first step will lead to a pretty boring life.

Your only guarantee if you do that is that you’ll stay right where you are… until circumstances force you to move.

And… in this rapidly evolving world, we’re all sitting ducks if we aren’t constantly learning and adapting.

Putting off an important goal, because it could take years to accomplish, only wastes precious time you could be investing into that journey now.

It leads to the nightmarish regret you’ll experience when, looking back at your life 5 years from now, you’ll be kicking yourself for never getting started because…

You could’ve been finished already!

So, the advice I always give to people who feel overwhelmed about where to start on their personal development path is this:

Just pick one thing and get started.

That’s it.

It seems too simple, but…

There’s magic in commitment.

When you choose the one thing that is most important to you, right now, now matter how small, and decide to stick with that one thing…

You will start building momentum.

And forward momentum will create more opportunities than you’d ever though possible if you hadn’t started out in the first place.

Your vision of where you want to be – no matter how vague or unclear it may be in your mind’s eye – will immediately begin to crystallize into a picture-perfect mental image of exactly what you want.

Taking action builds up your inner vision of achieving what you want.

And that vision fuels your desire.

And the clearer your vision becomes, the stronger your desire becomes, and the more it will motivate you to keep taking even more action.

You’ll develop a calm focus, and all the other shiny objects and distractions on your path will lose their appeal as that vision of your main goal becomes clearer each day.

And yes, the the world will keep changing as you go…

And you will change as you go…

And you can always make new decisions if you find yourself feeling like you’ve strayed from your own, unique path…

But, only if you get moving in the first place… by deciding to take that first step…

And focus on that one thing that will get you moving right now.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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