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Kicking those junk food cravings in just 3 days

John got his first custom subliminal a few days ago and after only 3 days of listening he’s already getting results…

I just wanted to pass on a thank you for the custom subliminal. Since my first listen, I have not purchased any Pepsi Max, my preferred ‘fizzy drink’ of choice has been sparkling mineral water, I’ve actually enjoyed cooking a proper meal for myself for the first time in ages, I’ve had no interest in take-away/home-delivery and coffee-and-cake is now just coffee. I think I am saving money as well as living healthier. Inspired by one of your recent emails to your distribution list, I already do have some ideas for a second custom subliminal (Think Like A Winner / Positive Thinking Power / Powerful Visualization Skill / Attract Success), but I know I need to give my current custom subliminal time to achieve what it needs to. Kind Regards, John

I always love to see such quick results!

And he’s right about giving it more time.

It’s always exciting to see results so fast, especially when it comes to eliminating food cravings and developing healthier eating habits, but…

You always want to give yourself at least a month of listening to make sure those new habits are permanent before jumping into something else.


If you have a bad habit you’re trying to kick, you can grab your own custom subliminal here.

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