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How Asking Better Questions Can Improve Your Life

We can never outperform our self-image.

If we can’t see ourselves doing something, then we can’t do it.

Simple as that.

But all of us have far more potential than we tend to imagine.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively…

Our true limits far exceed what most of us ever actually achieve.

Because it’s never our true limits that stop us from moving forward.

Instead, the wall we hit when we strive to become better, faster, stronger, or more successful is…

What we can *see* ourselves accomplishing.

If you can’t see yourself living the life you want to live, you won’t even feel the motivation to try to get there in the first place.

So the real trick to success and personal growth is, and always has been, to first build a vision of what you want to achieve.

A strong vision of what you want, held in your mind’s eye, magnetizes every cell of your body towards achieving it. That vision causes you to dig deeper, push harder, and access power you didn’t even know you had until you removed the limitations of your own self-image by visualizing something better.

The more clearly you can see yourself doing the things you want to do, and living the life you want to live, the more motivated you will be to work towards it. You’ll begin to tap into that infinite well of spiritual energy that we can all access, but rarely do, all because the limits of your self-image are expanding and allowing you to let more of that creative, life-giving energy flow through your mind and body.


How do you build a better vision of yourself?

Ask better questions.

Cool it with the “why’s”…

“Why do I always ____?”

“Why can’t I ever ___?”

“Why does ____ always happen?”

Those types of questions are asked from within your current image of yourself, so they can only ever affirm and strengthen your current self-image, along with all its false limitations.

Instead, ask questions to build up a vision of a life outside of your current self-image.

  • Where do I want to be in five years? – This immediately starts to paint a picture of a different reality, in a different place and time, detached from your current reality.
  • What am I doing there? – Now that mental picture begins to move and take on a life of its own as you let it play out in your mind’s eye.
  • Who is with me? – Other characters enter the movie, as a life-like story begins to unfold.
  • How did I get there? – And now the magic happens. Your subconscious mind can begin working backwards, bridging the gap between this new reality and your current reality.

And your self-image will automatically begin to expand and improve so that you can see yourself as the type of person who takes action, starting today, to begin walking across that bridge to the new reality you’ve envisioned.

By asking questions that create a mental movie *outside* of your current reality, you allow your creativity to work at its full potential, unchained from whatever self-limiting beliefs may have been holding you back up until now.

Instead of allowing your limited self-image to dictate what is or isn’t possible for you…

You allow your self-image to be reshaped and improved by your own limitless creative potential. You allow your self-image to become whatever it needs to be to achieve what you want.

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