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Avoid Subliminals That Put Ticking Time Bombs In Your Brain

I’ve never used any type of subliminal piracy protection or copy protection in Speedzen subliminal products.

And I always thought it was weird that other subliminal producers do.

Recently it’s gotten worse, though…

It’s been brought to my attention that more and more subliminal producers are going so far as including negative suggestions in their subliminals to stop people from stealing them.

One subliminal “expert” even brags on their website that if you listen to one of their subliminals without paying for it…

…It will have the opposite effect.

The opposite effect!

Can you imagine?

Even if you’re an honest, paying customer, their subliminals are still installing those negative suggestions in your subconscious mind…

Like a ticking time bomb waiting to accidentally go off at some point in the future.


How do you guarantee that those negative suggestions only affect people who stole their subliminal?

And why even risk it?

So yeah…

You won’t have to worry about anything like that in Speedzen subliminals.

Because it’s reckless, greedy, and downright idiotic.

I’d rather risk having a few people steal my stuff than risk endangering you by putting negative suggestions in any of my subliminal products.

And so…

If you’d like to get great subliminal results, without the risk of installing any subliminal time bombs deep into your brain…

You know where to find my completely safe and effective subliminals.

Stay safe,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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  1. Love your subliminal stuff , very helpful and even cool that I can listen to your YouTube channel to listen to ones I don’t own. I find your products very helpful.

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