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Avoid Subliminals That Put Ticking Time Bombs In Your Brain

I’ve never used any type of subliminal piracy protection or copy protection in Speedzen subliminal products.

And I always thought it was weird that other subliminal producers do.

Recently it’s gotten worse, though…

It’s been brought to my attention that more and more subliminal producers are going so far as including negative suggestions in their subliminals to stop people from stealing them.

One subliminal “expert” even brags on their website that if you listen to one of their subliminals without paying for it…

…It will have the opposite effect.

The opposite effect!

Can you imagine?

Even if you’re an honest, paying customer, their subliminals are still installing those negative suggestions in your subconscious mind…

Like a ticking time bomb waiting to accidentally go off at some point in the future.


How do you guarantee that those negative suggestions only affect people who stole their subliminal?

And why even risk it?

So yeah…

You won’t have to worry about anything like that in Speedzen subliminals.

Because it’s reckless, greedy, and downright idiotic.

I’d rather risk having a few people steal my stuff than risk endangering you by putting negative suggestions in any of my subliminal products.

And so…

If you’d like to get great subliminal results, without the risk of installing any subliminal time bombs deep into your brain…

You know where to find my completely safe and effective subliminals.

Stay safe,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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Mental Focus 2.0 Is Here

I’m listening to it right now… as I write this.

The Gentle Thunderstorm track, to be exact.

We made this one last week so that I could use it myself to keep up with all the extra work we’ve been doing.

I love the sound of rain.

I’ve always found it calming.

But there’s something else in this rain.

Subtle differences in the pitch of the rain drops, between the left ear and the right ear, that create a binaural beat effect.

You can’t even tell it’s there.

It doesn’t have the usual ‘droning’ sound associated with binaural beats.

It just sounds like rain, and occasional thunder, and birds chirping off in the distance.

But… you can feel the binaural effects… almost immediately.

Within seconds of putting on my headphones and pressing play…

My mind is focused.

I’m alert.

My brain gets a jolt of energy.

And I’m able to work through the 12 hour days we’ve been putting in here lately at the Speedzen office to get all these new Speedzen 2.0 sessions ready for you…

Without feeling that fatigue or mental fog that usually kicks in after 6-8 hours of intense mental effort.

I’m not sure about the other tracks.

The rain is my favorite for now and I’m sticking to it.

But I’m willing to bet that the Ocean Waves and Mountain Stream will have equally powerful effects for you, if those are more your cup of tea.

And you can find out for yourself right now!

If you already own the old Mental Focus & Productivity session, then the new Mental Focus 2.0 MP3s will be waiting for you in your account.


If you don’t already own it, you can get it here now.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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People are loving the new Speedzen 2.0 nature sounds

We’re getting great feedback on the new nature sound subliminal tracks included with the new Speedzen 2.0 sessions…

“I love the sea sounds,it is very relaxing for me to listen to. I often go to the beach when I’m stressed so it helps.” -Rosey

“Listening to Unstoppable Confidence right now,the Mountain Stream one,and grinning from ear to ear :)” -Ingrid

“My new favorite! The rains sounds totally relaxed my body and took me down near a sleep but was able to opened my eyes as the session ended.It was like being in a deep meditative state” -Reggie

“I definitely prefer this version. The rain sounds are relaxing and I felt so refreshed at the end of the session” -Katharine

“Just listened to the new version of Unstoppable Confidence with the mountain stream sound effects.  Loved it!  So relaxing with the bubbling stream and bird sounds in the background.  Thanks Jason for letting those of us who had previously purchased this session to have the new version at no charge.  That was very cool of you.” -Ken

“Loving the rain. I specially like the fact you’re sending different messages to different parts of the brain .. I think that puts you well ahead of everyone else!” -Dennis

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check out the new Speedzen 2.0 sessions now.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

P.S. If you already purchased any of the original versions of the new 2.0 sessions in the past, you can access the new 2.0 downloads in your account right now. Don’t have an account yet? Contact us and we’ll get you set up!

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The Next Generation Of Speedzen Subliminals

It’s here…

Speedzen’s most powerful subliminal audio format yet…

And it’s called…

Speedzen 2.0


Super creative name, I know. 🙂

It’s appropriate though.

Because it’s the 2nd generation of Speedzen audio technology, and… the primary feature of Speedzen 2.0 is the dual scripting method.

Each audio track contains two separate subliminal scripts, delivered separately to each hemisphere of your brain.

And what better way to introduce this new technology than by upgrading my flagship subliminal program, Unstoppable Confidence?

Or, as it will now be known by it’s super creative new name: Unstoppable Confidence 2.0

You can read all about the new program and scripting method here.

And, as promised, if you already owned Unstoppable Confidence before the upgrade, you can simply login to your account now and download the new Unstoppable Confidence 2.0 MP3s… at not additional charge.

Important: Just be sure to read the new listening instructions found on the new product description page before getting started!

The instructions are different than the old program.

And the results will speak for themselves, but only if used correctly!

Best Wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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It’s Just A Placebo!

I’ve been reading through some comments on my YouTube channel.

And among the many positive comments there are, of course, plenty of trolls insisting that subliminals can’t possibly have any positive effect.

Or… if they do have an effect… it’s just a placebo.

And that’s gotta be my favorite comment of all.

“It’s just a placebo!”

It’s just the mind’s ability to create massive, positive changes in your body and your reality through the power of belief alone.

No big deal, right?

I mean, let’s really think about the placebo effect here.

A sugar pill can often cure a disease simply because the test subject was told that it was medicine. They believed that this medicine would heal them, and so their body healed itself in accordance with that belief.

Your mind has the power to dictate the reality you experience from moment to moment, based on what you believe, and if believe that a sugar pill can cure a disease, it will.

Well, obviously the sugar pill has little to do with it. Your body always has the power to heal itself, but if it takes a guy in a lab coat prescribing you a fake medicine for a clinical trial to activate your belief center and *allow* your body to heal itself…

…Then so be it.

Anyway, that sort of placebo only works on people who already have a strong faith and belief in guys in white lab coats.

Other people need a more direct method to rewire their beliefs.

And, of course, subliminal audio is a great way to directly access your subconscious and remove limiting beliefs or install useful beliefs.

Speedzen Subliminal CDs take it a step further by inducing a deep, meditative state while you listen so that you can vividly visualize the outcome you desire while you listen…

…Thereby creating much faster changes in belief, since your subconscious mind experiences those visualizations as reality.

This causes you to believe that the outcome is not only possible, but inevitable, and your new beliefs will manifest that reality…

First within – then without.

It’s just your mind’s ability to create your reality based on what you believe is possible.

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The easiest way to get faster subliminal results right now…

People who get the fastest results from Speedzen Subliminals always have 2 things going for them…

Clarity and Focus

So here’s a quick exercise you can do right now to ensure you have both.

It’s deceptively easy to do, but you will be surprised by how effective it is…

Choose ONE subliminal session to use.

Think about WHY you chose it, and imagine your results you want to achieve with that session.

You can picture yourself living the life you want to live… being the person you will be and doing the things you will you do once you’ve made those changes.

Be as detailed as possible in your visualization and then…

Write it all down on a piece of paper.

Yes, right now. This simple little exercise will ‘prime’ your subconscious mind to ‘lock on’ to your goal like a laser-guided missile tracking a moving target.

It will keep you on track no matter what is happening in your daily life.

And the results you get from listening to your subliminal session will be multiplied tenfold.

Quick, easy, effective. You will change your life faster than you imagined possible with this simple trick.

Just pick one goal at a time, and write it down!

New to Speedzen? Click here to download your Free Subliminal MP3 now!