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My dastardly plan to get you to stop using my subliminals

In yesterday’s email I gave you a tool you can use to feel confident whenever you want.

A few subscribers even wrote back and said they felt better after reading it…

Without even doing the exercise.

And that’s the sneaky part of the email that I mentioned yesterday.

That email is a variation of one section of the subliminal hypnosis script used in Unstoppable Confidence 2.0.

It’s rewritten with a lot of other details and instructions to keep your conscious mind distracted while you read.

But by simply including the instructions to recall times in the past when you felt confident, and allowing your subconscious mind to go ahead and do that while you are reading, you’re already doing the exercise simply by reading that email.

And since it’s the subconscious recollection of those memories that matters, you don’t even need to be consciously aware that you’re doing it.

Your subconscious mind goes to work finding great memories when you were at your best, and you automatically start to feel more confident and self-assured in the moment…

Then it’s easier to consciously recall good memories which makes you feel even better, and so on.

Now, the way the script in Unstoppable Confidence is written is much more stripped down and to the point, since it’s being delivered subliminally, you don’t need any of that other stuff in there to distract your conscious mind.

You simply listen and relax while your subconscious mind does all the work.

By learning to do it consciously, however, you can make feeling confident your default state of being. And you can use the exercise whenever you need it in your daily life for a quick boost.

Then you can stop using the subliminal session like the training wheels that it really is, and take control of your own mind so that you can move on to bigger and better goals.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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