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People are loving the new Speedzen 2.0 nature sounds

We’re getting great feedback on the new nature sound subliminal tracks included with the new Speedzen 2.0 sessions…

“I love the sea sounds,it is very relaxing for me to listen to. I often go to the beach when I’m stressed so it helps.” -Rosey

“Listening to Unstoppable Confidence right now,the Mountain Stream one,and grinning from ear to ear :)” -Ingrid

“My new favorite! The rains sounds totally relaxed my body and took me down near a sleep but was able to opened my eyes as the session ended.It was like being in a deep meditative state” -Reggie

“I definitely prefer this version. The rain sounds are relaxing and I felt so refreshed at the end of the session” -Katharine

“Just listened to the new version of Unstoppable Confidence with the mountain stream sound effects.  Loved it!  So relaxing with the bubbling stream and bird sounds in the background.  Thanks Jason for letting those of us who had previously purchased this session to have the new version at no charge.  That was very cool of you.” -Ken

“Loving the rain. I specially like the fact you’re sending different messages to different parts of the brain .. I think that puts you well ahead of everyone else!” -Dennis

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check out the new Speedzen 2.0 sessions now.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

P.S. If you already purchased any of the original versions of the new 2.0 sessions in the past, you can access the new 2.0 downloads in your account right now. Don’t have an account yet? Contact us and we’ll get you set up!

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