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The biggest weakness of Speedzen 2.0 subliminals

The Speedzen 2.0 scripting method is pretty powerful.

One script addresses your logical mind, taking it through a step by step conversation to logically demonstrate all the reasons why you can achieve your goals.

The other script addresses your creative mind, giving it all sorts of positive images and feel-good emotions to make you feel great about yourself and powerfully motivated to work towards your goals.

And by addressing both aspects of your mind in this way, it creates a unity within you, between the two hemispheres of your brain, so that your entire being becomes magnetized and laser-focused on achieving whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

The only place it falls short is one that can’t be fixed in a pre-recorded session…

It doesn’t address you by name.

Well, how important is that?

It’s actually a pretty big deal.

Speedzen 2.0 is more powerful than any other subliminal method out there.

But the inevitable shortcoming of a script that only addresses you as “you”, instead of by your name, is that it packs much less of a punch in delivering the overall message.

The result is that even Speedzen 2.0 requires you to listen for at least 4-8 weeks until your new habits become automatic.

The only way around this would be a customized script that addresses you by name…

Thereby commanding the full attention of your subconscious mind and speeding up your results by 2-5x.

So if you want the most powerfully effective subliminal possible, a customized session is the only way to go.

Best wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

P.S. Custom sessions are also the better choice for any budget conscious folks who were mad at me for yesterday’s email, since you can fit 3-4 different topics into a single session (assuming they’re all closely related) and actually save some cash in the process of getting a more powerful version of those other sessions.

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