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Do I have to listen to the full 1 hour subliminal each time?

If you are short on time, it is okay to listen to only the first 20 minutes, at the very least.

The entire primary script of each album is contained within the first 15-20 minutes. After that, the primary script is simply reinforced while providing another 40 minutes to relax, meditate, and let your subconscious mind process the instructions.

This last step isn’t completely necessary if you don’t mind slower results, but it is one of the key reasons Speedzen sessions create such life-changing results in such a short time…

So you may want to listen for the full hour whenever possible.And even listening while you fall asleep is better than never getting a full session at all.

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Do I have to listen to the full 1 hour subliminal each time?

  1. I usually fall asleep while listening. Is my subconscious mind still able to process and install the new thought pattern? Or do I have to stay awake?

    1. Yes, falling asleep is fine. Your subconscious is still open to the subliminal instructions.

  2. Can I listen while going about my everyday activities, or do I always need to sit down and focus?

    1. Yes you can. A focused session will always give faster results, but listening during the day is fine for supplementing.

  3. If I fall asleep while listening it enters my dream. I was listening to Alpha male 2.0 and in my dream I am being followed by a woman that I allow to pass and walk ahead of me. She does so but keeps very close I notice men appearing all around us. they part as we walk toward them but as we pass them, behind us the men get angry and in a furious rage smashing things. I am calm as I observe and the woman despite the chaos surrounding us seems to give off the vibe of being safe.

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