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The easiest way to get faster subliminal results right now…

People who get the fastest results from Speedzen Subliminals always have 2 things going for them…

Clarity and Focus

So here’s a quick exercise you can do right now to ensure you have both.

It’s deceptively easy to do, but you will be surprised by how effective it is…

Choose ONE subliminal session to use.

Think about WHY you chose it, and imagine your results you want to achieve with that session.

You can picture yourself living the life you want to live… being the person you will be and doing the things you will you do once you’ve made those changes.

Be as detailed as possible in your visualization and then…

Write it all down on a piece of paper.

Yes, right now. This simple little exercise will ‘prime’ your subconscious mind to ‘lock on’ to your goal like a laser-guided missile tracking a moving target.

It will keep you on track no matter what is happening in your daily life.

And the results you get from listening to your subliminal session will be multiplied tenfold.

Quick, easy, effective. You will change your life faster than you imagined possible with this simple trick.

Just pick one goal at a time, and write it down!

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  1. Would it be okay if you typed it?

    1. Writing really is important here since the hard copy is more ‘real’ and the writing process is much more visceral.

      The purpose of the exercise is to make the goal as real as possible in your mind, and writing will accomplish this much faster than typing.

      Handwriting stimulates memory, as well as the critical thinking and problem solving parts of your brain. It engages your motor skills and provides real sensory experience as you feel the paper and pen, and you consciously direct the writing process with your hand.

      Typing may be faster and more efficient, but it’s also a much more mechanical and detached process, so you lose all the benefits of deliberately writing out you goals.

      1. A couple more questions,
        Do I have to write every time?
        And does my hand writing have to be neat?

        1. Yeah, do it whenever you’re setting a new goal. And no, you’re writing it for yourself so it doesn’t need to look like professional calligraphy.

  2. Jay Karabelas

    Do you have to write it every time you listen to the same goal?

    1. No but you should re-read your written goal at least twice a day to keep your conscious and subconscious mind in alignment towards your goal throughout the day.

  3. Can I write it down on a computer, like on a drawing program?

    1. Yes you can, but it’s best to write it down on a physical piece of paper that you can touch and feel. Your subconscious mind deals in direct experience, so the more “real” you can make your goal reminder the more seriously your subconscious mind will treat the goal.

  4. Ronald Skowronski

    Super high-quality products. Worth the investment in yourself.

  5. I appreciate your consideration. You have such a kind and also caring nature.

  6. Thank you so much!

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