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Belief Part 3: Affirming Your Reality

We affirm and re-affirm our reality every moment of our waking lives.

The automatic thoughts, feelings and actions we experience throughout the day are habits that spring forth from our deepest beliefs about ourselves and our environment.

People who believe in an abundant universe think in terms of abundance. Their every thought affirms their belief in abundance – expresses their gratitude for all there is – so that their feelings and actions manifest in ways which bring them more health, wealth and good things in life…

…Thereby strengthening their existing belief in abundance.

On the other hand, people who believe that there is a lack of resources will think, feel and act in ways that affirm their belief in scarcity. Their actions will manifest the reality that reflects their belief back at them.

In other words:

To those that believe they have, more will be given. And from those that believe they have not, even that which they have will be taken away.

So how can you change your beliefs with affirmations?

Easy. Just break the pattern.

Your beliefs create your habitual thoughts…

…which then re-affirm your beliefs…

…which create your habitual thoughts…

So interrupt your negative, limiting thoughts by inserting the thoughts you’d rather have, to reflect the beliefs you’d rather have:

  • When you catch yourself thinking about scarcity, think of abundance instead.
  • When you catch yourself thinking about sickness, think of health instead.
  • When you catch yourself feeling fear of loss, stop yourself by making a conscious effort to think of things you are grateful to have instead.

…And so on.

By making this conscious effort to affirm a new pattern of thinking, you will automatically feel and act in different ways, and your beliefs will begin to change to reflect your new way of thinking.

This method is sometimes called “fake it ’till you make it,” since you won’t believe your new thoughts and actions at first.

It takes time to start seeing results and for your beliefs about yourself to update, so it can feel ‘fake’ in the beginning.

But, as you persist, you’ll quickly discover that your old beliefs which were holding you back in life were much less ‘real’ than the new beliefs that open you up to new ways of thinking and allow you to reconnect with the infinite intelligence of the universe.

How are affirmations used in my subliminals?

The most common way, of course, is to repeat a series of positive statements affirming a new way of thinking.

This is a ‘brute-force’ method that works by flooding out the old beliefs with the new beliefs through constant, subliminal exposure to the positive statements.

But my method is much more surgically precise than the old method (I’ll explain it in more detail tomorrow).

In the meantime, for those who prefer the simple “old school” method, I’ve started adding a few simple affirmations MP3s to my catalog due to the constant demand from new people discovering my website.

It has been made clear to me that some people simply prefer the old way, and no other, so instead of trying to convince them otherwise, I’m just making these available here, for those who prefer them: Subliminal Affirmations

After all, if you believe that one method will work better for you than another, it almost certainly will by the power of your belief alone!

It’s my belief, however, that my method is objectively more effective and I’ll attempt to change a few people’s beliefs about that tomorrow.

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