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Belief Part 2: Why ‘The Secret’ Fails Most People

When I think of the Law of Attraction, I think of Ernest Holmes.

It’s been 100 years since he revived this ancient knowledge in its current form.

And nobody has added anything new or useful to it since.

In fact, most of the copycats in the last 100 years have only confused and complicated the issue.

The issue, of course, is belief.

If you’ve struggled with any of the newer iterations of Law of Attraction teachings, drop them and go read The Science of Mind and Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes.

If you own 20 books on the subject, you’re better off throwing out the others and reading those two books 10 times each, instead of reading all 20 books once.

Belief is the key to everything. And nobody explains this better than Ernest Holmes.

We don’t attract what we wish for.

We don’t attract what we daydream about.

We don’t attract what we work really hard to achieve.

We attract exactly what we believe is inevitably coming to us.

And we attract it in exactly the ways we believe it is possible.

So why do most people fail to make any real changes in their lives after watching The Secret and trying out some of the techniques they learned?


They start with something they don’t really believe is possible, and give up before they’ve used any one technique long enough to change their belief.

The importance of belief simply isn’t stressed enough, so people come away thinking that they just need to visualize or affirm a certain outcome in order to attract it.

But visualization and affirmation are nothing more than tools used to change your beliefs.

Those tools cannot, in and of themselves, create or attract anything.

Once you understand this, it’s just a matter of finding the tools that work best for you, within your existing beliefs, and sticking with them until you get the results you want.

You’ll find hundreds of techniques to change your beliefs out there, but they can all be boiled down to three fundamental methods.

Tomorrow I’ll explain these methods in more detail, with examples, so you can choose the best methods for yourself.

I’ll also show you how I use each of them in my subliminal CDs to help people change their beliefs about themselves and grow and change in ways they previously wouldn’t have believed were possible.

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