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Belief Part 7: The Guardian At The Gate

So far we’ve covered how Speedzen subliminals use affirmation and visualization to remove limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs, unleashing your true creative potential and giving you more creative control over your reality.

But how did the limiting beliefs get there in the first place?


They walked right in, like thieves in the night, while the guard was asleep at the gate.

You see, your subconscious mind cannot argue against bad ideas.

It simply accepts them as commands and obediently follows them.

It is your conscious mind’s job to test new ideas…

*Before* those ideas can enter your subconscious mind and become the beliefs that shape your reality.

And, armed with logic and reason, your conscious mind must guard against any ideas that would cut you off from your creative power and your limitless potential.

Because once a limiting idea becomes your belief, your reality will reflect that belief, and your conscious mind will doubt – or completely ignore – any new ideas that could free you from that reality.

The worst part is…

Most of us inherited our limiting beliefs from the adults in our lives while we were impressionable children – while our minds were wide open to *any* new ideas, simply because our ability to think logically hadn’t developed yet.

So, by the time we’re old enough to think for ourselves, our conscious mind has already been transformed from a guardian, defending us from negative influence, into a prison guard holding us hostage to the negative beliefs we were given by default.

Our conscious mind becomes passive, negative and reactionary.

Instead of protecting us from bad ideas, it protects our negative beliefs from good ideas.

Instead of actively solving problems and looking for new ideas to improve our lives, our thinking is always playing catch-up to reality by creating stories to explain away our failures and re-affirm our limiting beliefs with limiting excuses.

This is exactly why subliminals make such effective tools to escape these prisons of belief.

They allow you to sneak past the conscious mind, in its confused and self-harming state, and remove those negative beliefs at the source.

Then your conscious mind can reclaim its role as your protector instead of your prison guard… It opens itself up to new possibilities… your conscious thoughts move away from excuses and towards solutions.

And it’s at that point that your conscious thoughts become the most important belief-shaping and reality-creating tool you possess.

Because once you’ve used subliminals, or NLP, or hypnosis, or any other tool to clear out your subconscious blockages and get your mind and emotions running smoothly…

…Any further personal development is completely dependent on your own thinking.

That’s where this newsletter comes in.

My subliminals only affect your conscious thinking as a side-effect of the deeper, emotional changes they create.

In this newsletter I have, and will continue to provide, practical knowledge you can use to get the most out of my subliminals by taking a more active approach in changing your thinking… using the subliminals to change your beliefs at the subconscious level and the newsletter to change your beliefs at the conscious level.

But, ultimately…

…to help you take off the training wheels and take control of your own life.

And, in the meantime, there are plenty of “one-size fits all” solutions to common subconscious blockages in my catalog of subliminal CDs.

For more extreme blockages, or for very specific negative beliefs that are harder to remove, you can order a custom subliminal session tailored perfectly to your specific situation.

And when you order your custom subliminal session, you also get a one-on-one email consultation with me, where we dig deep to find out exactly what belief is holding you back so that we can target it with surgical precision and get you back on track and in control of your life.

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