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Weak Wishes Create Weak Results

Imagine you’ve just rubbed a magic lamp and a genie popped out.

He says to you:

“Tell me your wish and I will grant it to you.”

And you reply:

“Well… uhm… I guess I’d like to have a little more money each month.”

The genie looks confused for a second, then shrugs his shoulders and replies, “Okay… wish granted… I guess.”

And then… the following day…

You head in to work and learn that you’ve received a small raise.

Your wish was granted.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

And it doesn’t make for a very intriguing tale of fantasy and adventure.

I’m sure you can blurt out 3 better wishes off the top of your head right now.

Wishes that you could speak out loud with absolute certainty and conviction in your desire.

Wishes that you can feel right to the core of your very being.

Wishes that inspire you to dream of a better life.

Wishes that make you feel excited and fully energized.

And yet…

The story above is true.

But, the person in the story was a customer of mine, and the “genie” was his own subconscious mind.

When people ask me for advice on how to use the “Attract Money” session, I always recommend getting clear on how much you want, and *why* you want it, and then writing down your goal and reminding yourself of that goal as often as possible.

And visualize your goal, as if it is already achieved, while you listen to the session.

Your goal is your wish.

And your subconscious mind will work quietly, behind the scenes, to grant that wish in whatever ways you believe are possible.

And to whatever extent you believe is possible.


If you only think, feel, and believe in small wishes…

You will only be granted small wishes.

Now, compare the previous story with another customer of mine who wrote down this ‘wish’:

“I work with people less talented than me, with less experience and expertise than me, who make three times as much money as me. I want to make as much as those people and I want it now, so I can give my children the beautiful home, healthy food, nice clothes, and excellent education that I didn’t have as a child.”

Did this man get a small raise?


He got a brand new position in his company that paid 3 times more than his previous position.

Using the same skills… doing the same amount of work… he was suddenly making way more.

The only thing that changed was his belief that he was worth as much as those other guys, and his wish for more money was granted in the way he believed possible and to the extent he believed possible.

So keep this in mind if you’re getting weak results with the Law of Attraction, or my Attract Money subliminal CD in particular…

Better wishes = better results.

And the best wishes bring the best in life.

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