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Lying Thieves and The Law of Attraction

A “customer” sent me an email this weekend berating me for the ineffectiveness of my Attract Money subliminal session.

After some back and forth, however, he confessed that he had actually downloaded it from a file sharing site.

So I had to wonder what he expected.

It doesn’t matter how effective the session is under normal circumstances, because he stole it.

He told his subconscious mind – right off the bat – that “This isn’t worth buying, because it’s probably not going to work.”

And so it worked exactly as he expected.

What a surprise!

So, in case you ever wondered, none of my subliminal sessions include any sort of piracy protection.

There’s just no point.

Not only would it be counter-productive, and risk interfering with the effectiveness of the sessions for honest customers…

It’s simply not necessary.

Anyone who steals mindset improving tools isn’t going to get anything they want in life until they begin to appreciate the value of others’ hard work. Only then can they appreciate their own value and expect to be rewarded for their own efforts.

And that’s truly important…

Because we attract what we are, not what we want.

Lying to people attracts liars into your life.

Stealing from people attracts thieves into your life.

If you want abundance in your life you must be abundant. You get what you need in life by helping others get what they need. Thieves and liars cut themselves off from this spiritual economy of abundance by telling themselves that there just isn’t enough to go around – that for them to gain anything, somebody else must lose something.

But true abundance is based on win-win, rather than win-lose, interactions with the people around you…

And our actions speak louder than our words when we set goals for ourselves and affirm those goals to our subconscious mind.

Stealing is an action that affirms the scarcity mindset. It affirms it so strongly, in fact, that no amount of positive affirmations or self-hypnosis will override it.

No, an affirming action as strong as stealing can only be undone, at the subconscious level, with the equal and opposite action.

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