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Do confidence subliminals really work?

Confidence subliminals come in so many different varieties that it’s impossible to say if one will work for you or not without taking a deeper look into the subliminal methods available.

Subliminal Confidence Affirmations

By far the most common form of confidence subliminal, affirmations are also the least effective by far.

Everybody knows about positive affirmations.

But can they really make you feel more confident?

Let’s say you want to feel and act more confident in social situations.

Using the verbal affirmations method, you’d listen to positive statements to install the thinking patterns of someone who is confident, relaxed and open at social gatherings.

And you’d listen…

And listen…

And listen some more.

Every waking hour of your life, you’d keep bombarding your mind with these verbal affirmations.

And, eventually, the affirmations would cause you to start feeling confident.

Until, finally, your new feelings of confidence overpower the old emotional habits of anxiety or insecurity, thereby changing your actions.

And, of course, you’d have many relapses along the way.

The first time you notice yourself feeling insecure or anxious, those feelings will act as affirmations in and of themselves, canceling out your affirmative thoughts…

…and then you’re right back at square one.

Bottom line with confidence affirmations: They work eventually but it’s going to be a long hard road. Which brings us to a faster confidence boosting method that doesn’t work subliminally (but it can – we’ll get to that in a minute)…

Confidence Hypnosis & Confidence NLP

Since emotions and actions always override verbal affirmations, you can just jump to the emotional part and skip all the affirmations with methods like hypnosis and NLP.

When you listen to a confidence hypnosis session, instead of getting hit over the head with verbal affirmations, you’re simply instructed to recall the feeling you want to experience.

Everybody can think of a situation where they feel calm, relaxed, confident, and absolutely certain of their belief in themselves.

And any feeling you’ve ever experienced, and want to experience again, can be easily recalled in a state of deep relaxation, simply by thinking of a time when you felt that way before.

Then, once you’ve recalled this feeling, you are instructed to strengthen that feeling – make it intense and pure – and then keep it locked and loaded and ready to fire off again… whenever you might need it.

There’s no need to listen to affirmations all day.

The whole point of verbal affirmations is to generate the feeling you want.

But you can skip all that by preparing the desired emotional state ahead of time, and having it ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So now, when you enter a social situation where you would previously be triggered to experience your old, negative thought loops and negative feelings…

None of that happens now.

Instead, this new feeling will fire up.

And your new experience of the situation will immediately affirm your new self-image as a person who feels and acts confident in social situations – not only with your verbal thoughts, but with your feelings and actions as well.

Your beliefs change almost instantly and effortless in this case.

After all, it’s easy to believe that you are a confident person when you see yourself acting confidently.

And, it’s very easy to act confidently when you’re prepared to automatically feel that way at a moment’s notice by preparing yourself with confidence hypnosis.

Confidence boosting hypnosis and NLP methods work great. They’re fast and effective, but you have to stop what you’re doing and give them your full attention.

The best thing about confidence subliminals (assuming they work) is that you can listen to them in the background while you go about your daily life. You don’t need to stop what you’re doing and give them your full attention.

So what if you could take all the things that work so well with confidence hypnosis and NLP and put them into a subliminal format that you could listen to as background noise while you just go on living your life?

The Best Confidence Subliminal.

Well, if you could combine everything that works with confidence hypnosis and affirmations into a subliminal format…

You’d have the best and most powerful confidence subliminal ever created.

Something so powerful that you’d feel a quick boost of confidence the moment you listened.


You’d continue to feel more and more confident every time you listened, because the effects would accumulate daily while you simply went about your life as you normally would.

Well, not quite like you normally would, because…

Odds are you’ll find yourself automatically doing more of the things you really want to do, without hesitation and self-doubt, because confidently going for the things you want and taking action to create the life you truly desire will just be a natural part of who you are after you’ve updated your subconscious programming with such a powerful confidence boosting tool.

And here it is. Put it on as background noise while you work, read, study, or go for a run and feel an instant boost of confidence while you listen plus all the lasting confidence as your mindset changes become more permanent with every session.

Experience Speedzen

Just press play and relax to experience deep, blissful, healing meditation while simultaneously reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, health, and happiness.

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