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How To Make Subliminals Work Faster

There are 3 things you can do to make any subliminals work faster, and get longer lasting subliminal results.

#1 Write down the subliminal results you’re aiming for.

This one is so simple and so obvious that it is often overlooked.

But it’s also the most important.

Here’s why…

Writing down your goal puts your conscious mind and your subconscious mind on the same page. Now your subconscious mind knows exactly what results you’re looking for and will skip a lot of trial and error when looking for ways to deliver the subliminal results you’re looking for.

And yes, you should write your subliminal goal on an actual piece of paper that you can carry with you and read and re-read throughout the day to refresh the goal in your subconscious mind on a regular basis.

#2 Visualize your goal while you listen.

A well-designed subliminal will help you with this. Most subliminals are just affirmations that don’t help you with instructions for visualization.

Visualization is the best way to deliver instructions to your subconscious mind while listening to any subliminals, and will make any subliminals work faster because you’re not just taking a shot in the dark and hoping that your subconscious mind knows what the affirmations mean.

But you can make those subliminal instructions CRYSTAL CLEAR to your subconscious mind by simply picturing the results you want as if they’ve already happened. Your subconscious mind loves mental pictures and can understand them and act on them much faster than it can understand words and simple affirmations.

#3 FEEL the subliminal results as if they’ve already happened.

As much as your subconscious mind loves pictures, it REALLY LOVES feelings. Feelings cut right to the core of the true language of the subconscious mind.

Writing down your subliminal goal and visualizing your results while you listen will help you do this last step even easier, because…

When you practice SEEing yourself with the subliminal results you want, you’ll automatically start to FEEL as if you already have the results, and now your subconscious mind is laser-focused on making those subliminal results happen for you as fast as humanly possible.

What about subliminal boosters?

The best subliminal boosters will help you with steps #2 and #3: SEEing and FEELing as if you already have the subliminal results you want. And a professionally made subliminal session doesn’t need a separate booster because the subliminal producer already thought about all of that and included it in the subliminal script.

You can experience the difference between slow, ineffective affirmations, and the much faster Speedzen subliminal method with this free hypnosis demo. This is the type of “subliminal booster” included in all of our Speedzen 2.0 subliminal mp3s and are proven to make our subliminals work faster and last longer than any other subliminals out there.

And while this is the type of script used in every Speedzen 2.0 session to give you the fastest subliminal results possible, you could actually use this little hypnosis session to speed up your results with any other less effective subliminals you might be using. Just listen to this video before you start, and then remember to visualize and FEEL your results as you listen to that other subliminal.

Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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  1. I love subliminal and I use subliminal boosters. Sadly these beliefs never happen for me and it doesn’t work. But after a year they have FINALLY worked. Also merry christmas๐Ÿ’—

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