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I Love Saying (and Hearing) This Offensive Word

I don’t know how you feel about this word.

Most people hate it.

But maybe you’re okay with it.

I won’t judge.

I like it, too.

Because I’ve learned how much power this offensive little word really packs for people who are willing to say it…

…and for people who aren’t afraid to hear it, either.

Once they embrace this word, they’re suddenly freed from so many useless habits:

  • They stop wasting money on stuff they don’t need.
  • They stop hanging out with ‘friends’ who only take from them and never give anything back.
  • They stop getting into bad relationships because they’re quick to notice (and call out) red-flags right from the start.
  • They stop settling for less than they’re really worth at their job or in their business.

Mostly, though, they get very decisive.

They start making decisions and sticking to them.

They seem to acquire a sense of purpose that drives them to make better use of their time, money, and emotional energy.

All because they stopped being afraid to hear…

…or to say…


It’s actually painful for some people to say or hear it.

And yet, how much more pain is caused by avoiding it?

How many bad relationships could have ended before they started, if someone said it?

How many dreams of success never even left the ground, because someone was afraid to hear it?

I know I was really uncomfortable with it for a long time.

I couldn’t say it because I thought I’d hurt the others person’s feelings.

I couldn’t hear it because it meant I was being rejected, and rejection hurts.

But my life has drastically improved since I realized that it’s just a perfectly natural way to express personal boundaries and limitations.

I’m not rejecting someone when I turn down a request. I’m simply making it clear that I don’t have the time, money or energy to effectively help them.

And people aren’t rejecting me when I hear it, either. So I have no reason to fear hearing it.

In fact, it’s become clear to me in my advancing age that hearing ‘No’ upfront is *way* easier than having things dragged out with an endless string of ‘Maybes’, or worse…

Someone saying ‘Yes’ when they mean ‘No’ and then never doing what they just promised.

‘No’ puts everything on the table and lets both parties get on with their lives.

It’s just easier, in my experience.

Maybe your experience is different. Maybe you’ve already mastered the power of ‘No’ or, maybe you’re comfortable just hiding from it.

In that case, this subliminal session definitely isn’t for you:

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  1. socaloski89

    I have a very hard time saying and hearing no, but especially the former. I just purchased this subliminal. Thanks, Jason.

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