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Getting Others To Do What You Want

Not too long ago, I wrote about how to be more persuasive.

If you missed that one, it boiled down to this…

“When you like yourself and treat yourself with respect, others will like you and respect you.”

More importantly, though, the *right* people will like and respect you.

Not everybody, of course.

Just the people that matter.

Many of my readers felt the truth in that, and immediately put it to use in their own lives.

A few people got mad, though.

These very few people were angry with me because they assumed I must be holding back some jealously guarded mind-control secrets, and insisted that I should share those instead.


That’s fine with me.

They can get mad and unsubscribe and never buy anything from me.

The way I see it, I won’t benefit from trying to convince them of anything.

And I don’t think they’d get much from me trying to convince them, either.

What do you think? Maybe I’m wrong, but…

I don’t see any clear benefit to being able to convince people of anything. I could get pushy or try to use fear and intimidation, and maybe… just maybe get a few extra people to say they agree with me just to shut me up, or…

I can just say what I think, explain why I think it, and let people decide for themselves.

Is that crazy? I don’t know about you, but I find my life to be a lot more enjoyable when I focus on helping people who want my particular brand of advice, rather than chasing people who don’t.

How about you? Would your life improve a great deal if you could force other people to agree with you?

Or, if you were a puppet master pulling everybody’s strings and making them dance, would that increase your enjoyment of life?

I don’t need an answer. It’s just something to think about. Those are some questions I used to ask myself whenever I got so frustrated with life that I’d find myself slipping into childish power fantasies.

My answer was always “no.”

Not only that, when I followed those ridiculous mental fantasies through to the end, it usually led me to realize that my real frustration came from the fact that I had such a hard time persuading *myself* to do anything… let alone anybody else.

And the path of self-discovery that came from learning how to motivate myself – to really understand my deeper, subconscious motivations and, how to get them aligned with my conscious desires – well, that was far more fulfilling and rewarding than being granted some creepy power to control others.

Of course, when you learn what really drives you… when you learn how to motivate and persuade yourself… you’ll get better at inspiring others.

How much more useful would that be?

And yeah…

The people who got mad at me are right.

I am holding back some secrets.

There are lots of nasty little tricks you can use to get people to do what you want.

Many of which are used in the mainstream media every single day.

But why should I teach them to someone who can’t control themselves?

The world is pretty chaotic right now because there are a few people who know how to control others, and a *whole lot* of people who don’t know how to control themselves.

And so, the way I see it, my purpose is to help people learn to control themselves.

How about you?

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