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James Gandolfini’s Angry Acting Secret in The Sopranos

Tony Soprano’s fits of rage on the Sopranos were some of the most realistic in television history.

When asked in an interview how he was able to portray anger so convincingly on the show, Gandolfini simply said “Easy. I only sleep for 2-3 hours for two nights before. Then I don’t have to ‘act’ angry because everything infuriates me.”

Or something along those lines. I’m paraphrasing from memory.

But the lesson here is life-changing for anyone with anger issues.

Sleep deprivation throws our emotions out of whack – fast.

After just two nights of lack of sleep you’ll be angry enough to put on an award-winning performance of rage.

Just think what that does to your social life. To your ability to function throughout the day. Your ability to think clearly and make important decisions without your emotions running wild…

…And all because of lack of sleep.

Even if you’re not having fits of rage, just one night of sleep loss can throw you for a loop for the entire day.

It’s also important to note that people who experience unhealthy levels of anger tend to have heart attacks. Sadly, this was true for Gandolfini, who passed away from a heart attack at 51.

So if sleep loss is the key to flying off the handle in anger, getting a solid 8 hours of deep, restful sleep is the key to staying calm and collected.

Our Anger Management subliminal session helps to sort out a lot of the psychological baggage that leads to excessive anger, but when used correctly, it also doubles as a powerful sleep aid:

In fact, all of our subliminal CDs help you get to sleep easier, sleep deeper, and wake up well rested when used right before bed.

Sleep well!

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