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Can subliminals change your eye color?

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for subliminals to change eye color, hair color, height, body shape and so on.

A few people have even offered me a lot of money to make custom subliminals to change their DNA.

I turned them down.

Politely, of course.

But firmly, because it has always been the case that mindset changes are the most important and most realistic changes you can expect to get from subliminal suggestion. Without high-tech gene editing technology like CRISPR, there is simply no scientific evidence to support the ability to alter our DNA on a deep level.

Now… genetic expression can change. Your DNA has several options on how to express itself and those can change throughout your life based on environmental influences, diet, physical activity and… yes, even mindset.

But changing your genes themselves is so far beyond the capabilities of what I offer here that I would never make such a promise.

And you should be wary of any subliminal producers that do. They are lying or deluded.

Why not focus on the things you can change? Be happy with the body and mind you have, while striving to perfect them to their full potential! It is a much more fulfilling pursuit to work on developing what you have than to wish you could change everything. And you will achieve so much more in life if you focus your efforts on the possible instead of fantasy.

Exercise. Eat healthy. Read voraciously. Master a skill or hobby. Start believing in creating a better you, instead of a completely different person, and you will love what you become more and more each day. You might even discover that your true purpose in life is so much more powerful, meaningful and rewarding that anything you could have even imagined that you’ll look back and laugh at the time and energy you ever wasted worrying about such petty things.

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  1. Charles Albert Beaton

    Jason, I couldn’t agree with you more. This new and unproven subliminal my view, is dangerous ground to tread and could bring the very efficacy of a product and it’s maker into question.

  2. Thank you for this email, I agree with you 100%. It’s refreshing to see that some people are doing the right thing like you instead of the “trendy” one which may not even be true.

  3. The problem lies with the new generation of Millennials, they have not been taught basic laws of physics and what a “possibility” is and what a “probability” is, when it comes to the human mind state of being! For example: You want to have a lucid dream, yet very few can even remember dreaming let alone becoming lucid or have a OBE (Out of Body Experiences) or Remote View the past, present or future! These are real events that go on with a small percentage of people known as psychics! But the fact is it happens and this happening brings these gifts closer to a probability success than a remote possibility!

    Yet it escapes today’s generation what little they know of the old Metaphysical Arts! What about depression, oh it’s real enough, it’s non tangible! It’s highly probable this does exist because so many people are experiencing this behavior. Speedzen program can be of assistance in this area when using subliminal’s to change behavior not the Genes or DNA.

    Amazingly, many people today have PTSD, there is no cure! Yet using programs like Speedzen can help to curtail the “anxiety” a lot of people suffer with these days. We know this is a real issue and it too; which people suffer from, brings this one step closer the “probability” threshold. This is something more doable in the “Probability” factors using Speedzen. “Possibilities” are of course endless but it’s the “Probabilities” that are met with Speedzen, the more likely it can happen and with “possibilities” that are way out there, the less likely it can happen. We still don’t know the full capacity of the human mind, which is separate from the brain itself! We can’t be completely definitive in our answer, someone could break a new threshold with the use the mind and render all the above moot!

    All things are “possible” but not all are “Probable”! Think of Speedzen as a “Probability Analyzer”! There are specific titles they have, that have the “highest probability” factors! Take for example “Lucid Dreaming”, it’s possible to have one but not so much probable because few have that ability! You could naturally have one and few have over the years; then this possibility becomes closer to a probability factor and speedzen could indeed push it over the edge and more than likely you will experience something while using the program.

    Hope this makes sense!

    1. Hi Den, I liked your comment and it made a lot of sense except for the example you gave about lucid dreaming. You state that its possible to have one, but not so much probable, because few have that ability. Im confused because it seems like many people over the centuries have had lucid dreams. Some have them by accident, and many others have learned to have them at will. Perhaps you meant that the results people get by attempting to have lucid dreams traditionally are less likely to have them if they arent using a subliminal message recording? Im trying to discover an efficient route to having lucid dreams on demand. Im hoping Speedzen will help with that. 🙂

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