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Smash Your TV

Developing positive beliefs easy. The hard part is letting go of the bad beliefs. Because we always to cling to the familiar beliefs and attitudes, even when they’re holding us back. And we all get hypnotized at some point in our lives to believe things about ourselves that just aren’t true. Limiting self-beliefs that stop […]

Worrying Your Way to Success

Have you ever noticed what actually goes on in your mind and body when you worry? Mental images of bad outcomes or past mistakes replay in your head… over and over. You begin to experience all the strong negative emotions you would experience if the event were actually happening. And if you allow the process […]

My Dirty Little Mind Control Secret

I got an email today from a guy telling me that he refused to try my free subliminal MP3 because it was probably just going to hypnotize him to buy my products. Well yeah, that’s exactly what it does. Just not the way he seemed to think. No, I’m sure what he meant was that […]

How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Everything is changing so fast these days. We live in a time of unprecedented abundance and opportunities. New choices that didn’t exist yesterday are being presented to us today, and with all these new choices comes the demand that we make more and more decisions. And it’s hard to feel certain about any decisions we […]

Stop Waiting For Happiness

So many people these days treat happiness as a goal: “I’ll be happy once I get that job.” “I’ll be happy once I get that car.” “I’ll be happy once I get that house.” This is a dangerous habit to develop because happiness isn’t something you earn by achieving goals. Achieving goals rarely makes people […]

Be Your Own Cheerleader

A toddler learning to walk will fail constantly. He’ll fall on his face. He’ll run into walls and furniture. He’ll hurt himself in the process. But he keeps on trying until he finally learns. So the example of a toddler learning to walk always comes up in discussions about staying motivated to learn new things […]

Be Careful How You Talk to Yourself!

Have you ever tried to remember to do something by telling yourself “Don’t forget to ____”? It’s funny how the subconscious mind processes any commands you give it… While completely ignoring the “don’t”. If I told you “Don’t think of your favorite food right now” your subconscious mind will already be serving up the sights, […]

Why You Can’t Stop Bad Habits With Willpower

We’ve all been taught that we can improve our lives and achieve anything we want, if we could only get enough of that mysterious force called willpower. Have a bad habit that’s destroying your life? Stop it with willpower. Want to quit smoking? Just stop. Want to quit drinking? Just stop. Want to quit eating […]

The easiest way to get faster subliminal results right now…

People who get the fastest results from Speedzen Subliminals always have 2 things going for them… Clarity and Focus So here’s a quick exercise you can do right now to ensure you have both. It’s deceptively easy to do, but you will be surprised by how effective it is… Choose ONE subliminal session to use. […]

How to Truly Love Your Job

Do you put in long hours every day, struggling to succeed in your career or business? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by a lack of results equal to your efforts? Do you wish you could truly love your job so that you could focus more on producing quality than quantity? It’s no secret that […]